Peter Thomas, Austin, Brooklyn discussed on Daily Racing Form - Drf Players Podcast Show 245 Thursday June 8


This is the diarra layers podcast hello and welcome to the thursday june eighth addition of the d r of players podcast show two four five on your host peter thomas foreigners out back with you in the brooklyn bunker alongside mugs the handicapping labrador we are joined as usual back where he belongs on planet texas by jonathan kitchen the people's champion jonathan how are you today not only a mild plant directors i'm on planet interstate thirty five for anyone who's our bid to offer them is driven through our driven through austin as had the feel the wrath of the interstate thirty five traffic so i'll be station area before the time we get the handicapping but for now all i'll have to do it mobile leaf from uh the worst highway in the state of texas g k is oscar mike at the moment but heading towards his own handicapping bunker that'll be okay we we take our we take our listener comments seriously we've had some request to try to uh a professional up the sound we've had a couple of issues the last few weeks with me sitting in the car the the other week now we have jk in the carpet but by ten minutes if it should be fine i've upgraded to my my old favorite microphone hoping that helps a little bit as well thanks to everybody who sent in questions we have a lot of them were going to get to a couple of those to start the show.

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