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Tell you this. I. Don't know WHO's behind this. People say Soros, people say it's Ted Wheeler maybe city council. But there's collusion at the highest level. There was a flash protests that that alpert apart that garnered between six to ten thousand people. And Glenn. went to go march back from North Portland into the main city. The main bridge to get this city if people don't other large river. There's conveniently no cars the area. There were no cars on the bridge, but there were no police presence. There was no there was nobody around blocking. Somehow in highly highly populated dense city, like Portland on one of the major bridges, which includes a railway to traffic. Six Ten thousand people. You know random protest and I barely found out a couple of hours before. We're able to track over river. We got any traffic or interference. There is collusion from the highest levels in the city down to individuals to stage events that I'm confident are continuing to force trump's hand to put federal agents furthered further outside of the courthouse. Restrict police from getting involved, and they make allocation allow more and more protested writers to get in so that trump's. Officers are forced to push large crowds further and further away from Goldie so that they can call him a fascist, and this is a political move and Ted Wheeler than they are is using his citizens as cannon fodder, and he's manipulating them when their political leaning as victims, or I should say as tokens victims for the media, and it is so sad to see. A mayor abused his power. and not keep his citizens safe in order to. They hate him to make the president look bad. I hate. They WANNA kill. They want to hear me dead. They talk about killing him and they argue early chant very. Aggressive things that I cannot mention here, but he that's why he, but he doesn't care like he is. So I am this is not speculation I. have watched dafter day as the Portland police get less and less power jurisdiction, and that forces federal agents to move further and further I mean within five seconds I counted twelve projectiles that landed upon to. Agents behind Senses Glenn, I'm an for a man. I don't have kids, but had to you and your listeners. And I'll be completely honest. If you're a man on, even if you're under federal orders, you will not sit by and put your life in jeopardy while extremists terrorist attack you, it's not about federal property at a certain point of the night. It becomes men and women, protecting their life from death and from harm, and when people are throwing explosives when people are throwing hard objects and Nice at you. You are not going to just sit around, and they have to come out of the courthouse. It becomes a moment of desperation for their own livelihood it for their own ability to make it to the next day and if they go out into the street. Some time after twelve. Conveniently what happens, I catch footage of a woman getting arrested. But what does the new? York Post after all of this happens after a Molotov cocktail after explosives happen, and they have to come out and make arrests. What do they post from all of my footage from the night? It's one selectively edited clip of the water and saying I cannot. Please hurting me. Getting arrested with a title that says federal agents put me on the back of a protest or arresting her screaming. I can't breathe. It is a disinformation manipulation campaign. Between the medium fake media, the rioters and The government and one one of the organizers from the event screamed this and I'll end with this. He screamed out and daily caller got my back to confirm this. He said scribes that t h S. this is a propaganda game and were winning, and it is a propaganda game and I'm telling you what unfortunately they are winning. All right hang on just a second, because I want to come back, and just to have you answer one question. People think that this is going away after the election or that. If Biden wins, it will go away. I think this has just begun. It's going to be worse in November and worse in December and January and March especially if Joe. Biden winds, but I'd like to get your opinion on. That will go go back to Elijah Schaefer here in just a minute. You can find him at a blaze, TV dot, com, and all of this stuff on the blaze all right. Wayne lives in Kansas Rugby player there for twenty years didn't even know you know they played rugby in in Kansas, but you know not up on these things. 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