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Either i standard two cd set or a deluxe edition with a concert film called from his greek shows in two thousand twelve wow it looks like a pretty good if you like neil diamond i'm kinda warm fuzzy with them but i'm not he's not one of my favorites but he's certainly been a hitmaker announced earlier this year that he's going to be retiring be on the road i said quote i plan to remain active in writing recording another projects for a long time my thanks to my loyal and devoted audiences around the world this right has been so good so good so good thanks to you very smart you gotta give thanks and show appreciation for them that's brought to the party and so he was good and people appreciate what he did so he keeps go i think it'd be yeah you've got a lot to offer so that's his story now moving over to the charlie daniels side of the street is a guy who's been around for quite a long time still continues to perform for troops overseas contributes to various military organizations country music hall of fame member charlie daniels paying tribute to men and women in uniform various ways over his career his latest endeavor spotlights the appreciation he has eighty one years old performing at a veterans impact celebration in murfreesboro tennessee this week sold out fundraiser held a benefit middle tennessee state university charlie and his wife's veterans and military family.

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