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The national average price of regular great gasoline. Every tale is true. 25. This is the same as it was two weeks ago. Thiss his AP News. I'm Rita full way President Trump's plan to provide for $100 a week in virus relief money to struggling Americans and defer payroll taxes will almost certainly face legal challenges, though he says he's got the authority to do it. At his New Jersey Golf Club Saturday, President Trump signed executive actions that he said We're going to be very important will take care of Really much this entire situation on ABC is this week's Senate Minority leader Chuck Schumer. Had this description didn't one word could be paltry in three words unworkable, weak and far too narrow. And Senator Ben Sasse calls the moves unconstitutional. Slop, White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow tells ABC is this week We're going to go ahead with our actions anyway. Then Thomas Washington president's plan would require states to Kiki and $100 of that $400 payment to Americans. Many states are already wrestling with budget troubles because of the virus. Thousands of bikers are in Sturgis, South Dakota, for the annual motorcycle rally. Masks are not required, and there are no limits on crowds indoors. Daily virus cases have been trending upward in South Dakota, but the seven day average is still only around 84 with fewer than two deaths per day. Sturgis officials plant at Mass Test residents to try to detect and halt outbreaks I'm Julie Walker, the earthquake that hit North Carolina yesterday was the largest Iraq that state of more than 100 years of 5.1 Misha Thomas felt it at home in bed in Charlotte is starless. We're laying down and all of a sudden we hear this big tremble. It trembled our house, and then it shook our bed and we was like, what in the world was that I don't know what it was. She talked to wsoc TV, no reports of injuries and only minor damage. Authorities in Portland, Oregon, again declared a riot overnight after protesters marched to a police union building, block the road and set Dumpster fires. This is AP News An American wins The PGA Championship, 23 year old California native Colin Morikawa has broken out of a seven way tie for the lead to win the PGA Championship and Harding Park in San Francisco. Morikawa pulled clear of the Log Jam on top of the leader board with a chip in birdie at the 14th and then made a stunning eagle, too of the power for 16th. To seal the win. His final round six under 64 lifted him to 13 under. In the end to clear of Dustin Johnson and Paul Casey. It was more a coward's third to a win in less than two years after turning pro I'm Graham. I got TV. Simon Cowell's broken his back after falling off a electric bike at his home in Malibu. He had surgery and is doing fine. According to a spokesman. He is recovering at a hospital. He tweets read the manual before you ride in the bike for the first time. I'm Rita Foley. AP News Big.

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