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Old school wish coast show. Every morning to ATM three eight with Joe how TK yet. This to the Gulf spa. Every three to seventy three seventy. For men. Checks. In your face all over the place online twenty four seven twenty four seven. You're listening to the hottest internet station. L R DP radio. Catcher in studio vibes things feel. That's right. My bench way. Tara. She'll she'll with the Mex. Seven three records, inC, YoM, boss. Still make sure you know, we made Kelly PK Robin lease. With pastor Troy when six Shelley Keeney. Chef Willie Brown skinned e Bobby Brown. Judge brand t y. Baby. Turn. Rob. You win the mex-. Sports. Fifty. Bortis simple woman. Cima savvy pro Patrice check see miss media. Robin may worldwide distribution. That. Foodie the bad. Brad. Funny case dark star records, they're real slick. With me grab. Them. Turn. Bob roberts. Bring you win you'll live with. Turn. Bob, rob. Bring you win you'll live with the. What I'm right. You know? We don't need. Clink? Hey, Josh you. What what's your problem? You can't be talking about me like..

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