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Three Erik Erikson. Because he brings something new to the table listener Ericsson because he talks about real news. Eric Erickson WSB's, Eric Erikson and Atlanta's evening news about the information. You need the truth you demand. Remember the show starts at four PM every day on WSB. Dave Baker hosted the show here. My guys frugal kitchens were like to suggest a real New Year's resolution, a new kitchen order, your new frugal kitchen by the end of January and get fifteen hundred bucks right off the price. Stop by one of the five showrooms order, your new kitchen and an instant fifteen hundred bucks off. It's only so Google frugal kitchens today. When you have my natural confidence. Dubbing stands in the way between you and the big game. Suntrust is here to help you enjoy Atlanta to the fullest trust big game app dot com. Talksport what events are happening at SunTrust park and Mercedes Benz stadium that SunTrust big game map dot com. Hendrick. Rick. Hendrick Chevrolet in Duluth is your Atlanta Chevy truck headquarters shot the best selection of new Silverado trucks and find new roads. At Hendrick, Atlanta dot com. Total wine and more can help you a press release here from total wine and more. Yes, I need to verify some information. I'm what you call. A fact checker thing. Okay. The total wine and more has eight thousand different wise. Now, that's clearly a typo. No. It's a fact thousand wines twenty five hundred beers three thousand spirits now. We'll come back to that. Now. Unbeatable prices. That's right. Claims you have a wide on cluttered, aisles, quick checkout and associates who are trying to help customers. Make sure they always choose the right bottle. Whatever the occasion talent. That's what we call a bullpen Okeyo. So which is a which is which. Superstore arline boutique, both really. Come in to explore are amazing selection with our friendly, total wine and more teams or online at totalwine dot com. To enjoy news ninety five five AM seven fifty WSB at home, just say, Alexa, play WSB. Alexa, will depend on WSB. News time three oh, six again. Doug relied alert Carroll county at least one lane. Twenty miles before highway one.

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