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Make the team if you haven't read about his story definitely do. So if you just Google his name Z's, I'll shut year as H A, I R ESPN there's a beautiful piece written about him and ESPN he when he was fifteen he was at his grandmother's house and his house started burning down, and you had to run in and save his family. He basically then was he was living in a one room motel with his entire family, and he slept on the floor to the point to where his high school coach started kind of taking them in and like feeding him and having them state his house, he would by choice sleep on the floor instead of the bed, because that's where he was more comfortable and it's just stuff like that just kind of breaks your heart and apparently, he's just stick to our bus rides to school because he would take his his brothers and sisters to class and he would drop them off. First, and then he would go to school, and then it would fall asleep in class, because he was so, damn tired, but he persevered one Florida Atlantic lane, kiffin loves them all those coaches love them. They say he's a hard worker. And I think he, he ran with an injury, which is why is forty time is slow. But apparently, he's a silent a sideline player and he has the will at least to succeed. And so one of those positive stories that you kind of know idea if you actually will. But if I'm looking for a long shot. That's the guy hitching a horse to. Yeah, I hadn't heard any of that. So I mean, I would absolutely root for that guy to make the team, I was going to go with no one. I'm just gonna shit on the little guy this year. Because none of these guys really stand out. But that seems like a better alternative. We shot are shot with, with Trent Taylor. And with Matt and breed, Breda, man, I got mad Breda. I'm like, I'm out on these undrafted guys for like, at least another five years. What pain that record? Aftermath Breda, the stated position of the perils podcast is that undrafted players never matter. Like that's the one. Get was the one guy. He was the generational talent in. We hit on that one or on to the next. I actually it's, it's possible that Matt Brita is a long shot to make the Russell at this point. He'll make it. I hope he does. I really hope he does. But, you know, Devin Coleman hype train, I don't, I don't want to start another hype train I only have one hype train for map Breda that you. All right. So j Patel. Another friend of the pot asks, and this is actually a good one. I'm glad that, that Jay Patel, asked this, but for the past five years, it seems like we've been an injury. Hell and every year here on the pod, the injuries will regress towards the mean but that isn't happening. Is it coaching location training, too much, not an a practice luck? I really love the fact that he put location in here like something about Santa Clara. It makes you more injury prone. I want to explore that as upset they area air that just fucking with them. It's just the depression from having, like two story just constant ranch, homes and staccato all like at equal level. Like shit. I'm an NFL player and I still got seven roommate's like this isn't cool. I'm surprised. She didn't catch me things to KADO instead of stucco staccato is not the word I was looking for payment. It's probably for the best. All right. So football outsiders. So I think some context because let's let's actually confirm the fact that the Niners have been an injury hell because it seems like we've been an injury help, but a lot of times when it comes to stuff like this. We lose context around these ideas or around these feelings. So let's go to football outsiders. And let's go to their AG L or adjusted game loss. Metric, which is a really good way of measuring injuries to a team basically what they do is they take the number of snaps the or not that players are starter..

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