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McMillan of Pain. A lost her son, a state trooper in 2007 when his car was hit by two drunk drivers. The negativity of today for this proof to go, I'll do this across the United States. It's a positive that needs to be seen. Springfield stop was at the state Police Memorial with other Illinois locations in the Cannery and Fulton County's Alcove in 19 continues to take a heavy human and economic toll on one of the nation's largest native American population. 900 people who have been on paid leave from their jobs with the Navajo nation's gambling enterprise are learning they won't be paid. After Monday, layoff notices are being set out the 175,000 member Navajo Nation. Had one of the highest per capita rates of covert 19 affections in the U. S nighttime curfews weekend lockdowns in a mask. A mandate remains in effect because of recent searches in Corona virus off the reservation, which includes land in Arizona, Utah and New Mexico. Jim Krystle, a CBS News Scientists say they are getting close to a blood test for Alzheimer's disease. Blood Test study was led by Dr Oscar Hanson of Lund University in Sweden. This test actually shows all some seats. Early on, so also when you only have very minor memory problems, it's their accurate But the test is on ly for patients showing signs of the disease. I don't think this test abused for screening off healthy individuals and recently is that we don't have any therapy today. That stops slows down the disease in healthy individual. The testing identified people with Alzheimer's versus no dementia or other types of fit with accuracy ranging from 89 to 98%. I'm Shelly Adler, German police investigating the disappearance of British girl Madeleine McCann in Portugal in 2007. Are now searching a garden plot in the northern city of Hanover, a prosecutor has confirmed. Local media reports that investigators have bean at the site since Monday with an excavator, adding police would still need more time to finish. The procedure is taking place in connection with the German probe regarding Madeleine McCann. German authorities said last month they had identified a 43 year old German citizen as a suspect in the McCann case and are investigating him on suspicion of murder. I'm Charles the lede asthma The Canadian government has announced a full public enquiry into a mass shooting in April that killed 22 people in Nova Scotia. Public Safety Minister Bill Blair says the government is responding to calls from families, survivors advocates and Nova Scotia members of Parliament for more transparency. 13 of the victims were shot to death. Nine died in fire set by the suspect who was fatally shot by police. The following day. The gunman wore a police uniform and even drove a car that looked like a police cruiser. Traffic and weather together plus some low gas prices. Just ahead will be BBM News Time. 9 35 Let's say you just bought a house. Bad news is you're one step closer to becoming your parents. You'll probably moved along and give anybody noticed. You moved along. Tell people to stay off the lawn. Compare it to your neighbor's lawn and complain about having to motel on again. Good news is it's easy to battle home and auto through progressive and save on your car insurance, which, of course,.

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