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You're listening to science sort of episode, two hundred eighty seven. Our theme this week is descent into madness, joining me Ryan, how to talk about things that are science, things that are science and things that wish they were science is failing. Tala just will Harris. And also joining me is pantley onto Allah. Gist Davis Cotto. Hello, David, David, fine. David's fine. Okay. So you to, we're going to talk about this later in the show, but you are the host of the common descent podcast. Yes, we are indeed, and unlike science sort of which just flirts around with all the different branches of science. You guys are more specifically paleontology podcast production. Yeah, that's definitely where our focus is. We will branch out every now and then into the the topics that regularly pop up within that field. But it's it's mostly focusing on paleo. Cool. Well, we're going to talk more about your show and its its role in the science podcast averse in a minute. But I, I just wanna ask you who the hell you think you are. And we get that a lot. As I understand for my extensive research, the two of you met and became friends while east Tennessee State university correct at university that has produced more guests for our podcast than maybe any other. Interestingly enough, a. Who else has been on the podcast of our earliest guests we got on was a fella. You might know by the name of Dr Blaine Schubert, hey, I met him. We have that guy episode eighteen way back in the day. It's a willa believe he was your adviser while you ready TSU. Yes, he was my adviser. I was studying alligators under him, and so we worked on the stealth. So we're going to start with you then, and can you tell us a little bit about, you know, maybe your introduction into wanting to study paleontology, and then what led you to the master's program and ET's you? Absolutely. So my intro to paleontology itself goes way way back. I I said, I wanted to be a paleontologist. My parents will quote when I was five. So I was one of those. I learned the word from one of my books. I said, and then I would continually tell that to people when they would ask me, what do you want to be when you grow up? And I'd say a paleontologist in the sweet lady at the checkout kinda go, oh, and. That is. And so that was that was me all the way up through college. I even when I was dabbling other stuff, I was always heading this direction and I discovered EDS you actually through one of my professors who had volunteered at the museum and at the dig site when she was studying and headed, they are because it was it was the, I did not know there was a as close to me while I was growing up in Georgia headed to gray fossil site on a senior project thought it was awesome in applied for the masters program as soon as I was graduating and it ended up there the at right after graduation. So where were you undergrad somewhere in Georgia sudden it'll tiny, tiny college north Georgia called young Harris college. We had about eight hundred students total and anybody you could walk across campus and ten minutes. So your last name is Harris. So is this like your. Start this college? Yeah, joke that technically would be my brother. Yeah, it was in young hares college in young Harris, Georgia because teeny tiny, tiny. It's just it was thirty minutes from North Carolina and just a little liberal arts college, but it was close to home. It was a small campus which I actually liked more than a big campus and got to meet the right people evidently to get me to EDS. You nice. And I guess we should provide some context for why TSU has this robust and prolific masters program. And I know we've probably talked about this on the show before, but issue has taken charge of the gray fossil site, which is this amazingly productive fossil site in east Tennessee up in the mountains outside Johnson city near the town of gray, Tennessee. If you can believe such a thing and it's it's a site that was found when they were building a highway bypass and the story as I tell it and you guys. Have actually attended there..

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