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A REX, Grossman two, thousand, three, Jason White gives it fits. I think two thousand. Three's a great one. Oh I don't think Bradford show one. That one. I think I think Tibo should want that one. Sam Bradford is is one that comes up a lot. Ninety two Gino Torello what you? What are your thoughts on that Yeah, he was a bad heisman winner. The problem was I. don't remember who second Third Marshall Faulk Oh. Yeah. Marshall Faulk should wanted for sure and but back then San Diego state small school wasn't GonNa win it, but he was born away. Better Gino Toretta. Did you see by the way that the two that the? Oh, you, Barsha account and the USC barstool account got into a fight on our thread. midgets dunk contest where they do. A barstool sooners at a Bar said Matt. Liner ad deserve the Heisman, but didn't get it because he was a freshman and in the USC account, which has now changed his name to regius free in all caps just said Ha. Ha like you laughed earlier in the podcast. With this with. The nineteen. Brag about that. They were giving a gift to play in Oklahoma. Oklahoma was a team even back then if they have to play a real team that deserve to be there. Maybe, they would want, but certainly anytime get to play Oklahoma and the BCS title game on a playoff. You basically have a by. It's just great whenever these counts go back and forth, and then people are like arshile main account that's fighting with each other when it's reality, it's vice versa than somebody said. Look vacated National Championship to go along with Reggie's vacated heisman. This last thing, but the other day during Doug season. He lost on. That was disappointed. We Lost National Title Game Virginia. Tech and I tweeted out a brilliant tweet. If feels like every year since ninety eight, and that is just a phenomenal use of six words. What a great tweet! And I swear the Tennessee Barcelona account had had their diaper changed. I've never seen the. They were just so mad. They came after me I like the ten the. Parcel account forty two thousand dollars. They're like and somebody's like Whoa. Relax and they said sorry. Brandon just got so worked up like. Six words to get your work done this college football man. Probably meeting at you wasn't born in ninety eight. Even his Tennessee rocky rocking chair, sitting there, spraying water I gotTA. Tell him I gotTA. Tell him as a Mississippi State Fan. I gotTa tell. It is so good whenever you start to mix it up with the Viceroy's. That are on those accounts because they don't know what to do, when somebody who's actually in content in New, York then response I think I got into it with maybe somebody from the Baylor counter. The Texas got one of the other, and it was like Oh shit like we're. We're college. Kids like we didn't mean to do it. We didn't mean to do it. We're sorry. Think of our as a good stopping point so next week I'll be in Mississippi might have who interesting content for you hopefully uncle dining going to be around Oh yeah going. On Sunday! You, think Uncle Donnie would want to meet me. I don't know how to answer that politically. You, don't have to answer it. I were some. JC just assume everybody's uncle who wants to made you. Didn't mean it that way. My name is Randy Walker. That's Casey Smith Casey. Go have let the orgy began..

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