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One. I think it's important to have the courage to pursue what you're passionate about whether or not other people stand with you or you go along with for one You definitely want to choose who you surround yourself with. I mean they talk about. You're the you're the average of the five people you surround yourself with right so I mean my view is i. Don't ever want you the smartest person in the room. Because I'm in the wrong room because you WANNA be associating yourself with people that are going to help level you up right. You don't want people in the room that are pulling you down so I think as you leave high school and move on you know you're GonNa meet new friends make. You'll have some old friends that you'll stay in touch with writing social media and stuff but you're gonNA meet New People so choose people that you want to associate with very wisely good stuff. That's what David it makes me think that Livia kind of done that already. She's made some choices that in the last like six months really changed her. Now that's absolutely right now Jennifer. My youngest daughter was hanging around with a crowd. Eh. We're weren't super crazy about. I don't think she was but she was involved with it and she just. She just made the decision. You know what? I'm not going to be with them anymore. And I think she's a lot happier person and we're seeing you know a better person really. Since she's kind of removed herself from that because that the average of those that group was probably not the number. We wanted it to be so I appreciate the advice. That's really good stuff store. I would say out one other thing too. That too is Ecu continue on. I mean there are people in this world that are going to hate on you. That are you know going to say. No that are going to reject you and rejection and hate is a gift that you don't have to accept from other people and if someone tells you know all that means is they're not meant to be on the journey with you know more more good stuff good stuff so Jennifer we really appreciate you being on hold up with guests with David. Joining us in the huddle Everyone can go and You know check out Jennifer and get her book. Move The ball you can move the ball and linked in all the social media you can check out our new podcast move the ball so it's a brand of cheese building. I think she's doing an outstanding job and just keep up the great work and thank you doing what you're doing Jennifer well the daily Hustle to all. Don't forget daily Hustle. That's I that's what I actually. I'm thinking about getting as we leave this podcasts. My organizations ridiculous. So it sounds like the daily hustles going to be able to organize you need. You need to hook log. Pick that up. I'll soon as we're allowed to go. Thank you Jennifer. We really appreciate your time. Thanks for having me on the show. I hear their conversation is great. Wonderful thank you for that healthy and safe by far. Hey We want to thank you for joining US Today on. How to with gusts Where we talked a wide range of guests about how supports shaped your life as always. I'm joined by my great friend and Co host Dave Hager and We want you to be able to follow up on all of our social media at Kado up with Gus and we really appreciate you. Thank you for your time. And listening to our podcast..

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