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And people with hiv among others organ transplant recipients for example and they must take medications to actually suppress their immune systems so their bodies do not reject the new oregon's one small study of these patients found that the majority never developed antibodies to covert nineteen after they were fully vaccinated others only developed low levels of protection now in that study. This study that was generated out of johns hopkins university. A third dose increase their antibody levels of boosts in immunity would likely be very welcome to those who never had a good response from the first two shots. And many of you might be wondering. And we've had this discussion about your response. Or perhaps a better said of the lack thereof to the cove in nineteen vaccine be at dirna be adviser Be jane j. Whatever the case may be but in the to shot regimen. I know we spent some time discussing this. Because yeah i had a reaction to the first shot as did My technical producer ryan kelly. Both of us had the first shot and it was like good luck lifting. Your arm had a little fatigue as well and the second shot. When i got it i actually looked at the nurse. That was giving me the injection. And she's putting a band aid on my arm. And i'm like to to even give me the shot. It didn't even feel it. And i had very little reaction to the second shot so again That doesn't necessarily determine whether the vaccine is working for you or not but nonetheless boosted mundi would likely be welcome to those who have never had a good response from the first two shots as doctors have continued to advise those patients to continue with physical distancing and mass usage despite the vaccinations well. Cdc has jumped on board as well. Eight fifty seven now. Thirteen kfi k. While the whole sports story in northern colorado state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten kfi k. Unc bears football and basketball or a northern colorado's voice one zero three point one in thirteen ten kfi k. Right here host. The noko now next..

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