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That there are certainly many of these jobs we just don't know how many and I think that that uncertainty is sort of agonizing for anyone in the situation but we know eighteen million temporary jobs that were lost and so I think that there may be some aspect of this where people get brought back on their employer's payroll what we really need to see at that point is when the whole country is open whether consumers are spending money right because if we're not then the businesses will not be able to support the number of people they bring back on board and so there is some fear among economists that we could see a second wave that could be created if the economy doesn't come back as quickly as most would hope for obviously most sectors of our economy has been affected by the pandemic which were the hardest hit and which ones where did anybody get a break not really you know leisure and hospitality it's been the sharp tip of this right we know that as seven point seven million jobs that's just an incredible number to forty seven percent base almost half of any employee and this is just in April and really the first half of April we know that retail also varied severely head professional and business services I found that interesting and education and health remember you know the same sort of contrary to most people but in health there are a number of people in the healthcare field that are not considered essential and so you may have the person who was the lab technician in a doctor's office whose office has been shattered so we know that had a big loss even government I think this was state employment mostly down by a hundred thousand so it was wide spread really rough any idea if this broken economy can last even longer than the virus perhaps even years longer well you know I'd like to say not I think that the problem that we see right now is that a lot of the trends that were developing early in the year are becoming accelerated in other words those sectors that were already under pressure like retail or maybe even if you think a particular restaurant was operating on a very thin margin what we're worried about is that we'll see failures in those industries and that will keep more people sidelined right now the participation rate that's just the number of people who are working or actively looking for employment that's now down at a level that we haven't seen since nineteen seventy three and so we need to see more people come back from the sidelines but again there's so many variables with the virus itself so we're trying to contain the virus and unfortunately to contain the virus we need to keep a lot of the country lockdown that was CBS business analyst Joe slash injury it is to fifteen at WTOP in time for sports sports at fifteen and forty five powered by Red River technology decisions aren't black and white thank rad here's Christiane Maryland head football coach Mike Locksley hosts a show on Instagram on Fridays titled late night with locks last night coach Locksley as guest was Redskins quarterback Dwayne Haskins to Wayne played his high school ball at Bullis and Potomac but grew up in New Jersey coach locks asked Washington's QB one about that transition Twain said that former NFL player Shawn springs who grew up in Silver Spring was a big influence always seem like Jersey raising nearly made me I lived in interns about eighth grade adamis on all the younger kids he was a he had his own son my agent mathematical football camp and you just told me about in the area now it sounds as though the players on the on the high schools in the area and the laws of summer to go to school and you know somebody down to Maryland and so mean because that is on the map is in the center of the world and untangle this because of the opportunity for me and my sister to be able to go to high school together a lot of the school all boys schools in assisted living into arts and she's at the major so close in the great art school UFC two forty nine is tonight coming up in a half hour I'm gonna tell you why one of the undercards is no longer happening I'm Christiane the BJP sports just ahead on WTO panel covering county teacher was honored by chance the rapper I'm Valerie bonk it is to sixteen your favorite things feel made for you your education should too university of Maryland global campus formerly university of Maryland University College was made to serve the military.

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