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No no could be austin texas. That's not his name he. This is an abbreviated name a kobe. I don't know hey guys. I love listening every week from austin texas. Thank you. I honestly get excited everytime seeing new episode. Drop your both grit. Appreciate that beta. Jj it can get extremely frustrating. Listening to your anti josie. Ron's marina was a character for sure but it's not often that people hit someone so much that everything they do is discredited. As soon as his appointment was announced felt that you have blatantly. Hope for the failure of his tenure. And that spurs would employed a spurs were relegated. You would celebrate. Because that would mean that josie will be out of a job. It's exhausting yelling at you to get over your anti marina ways. While i'm sitting in my vehicle stuck in traffic it's too much and i don't even care that much abode him Anyway on another note you guys have encouraged me to watch the mls. and now. i'm looking forward to having an mls team in my city. Thanks again for your hard work at bid tanks for your for your email just a quick one. it's it's a. It's exhausting for yelling at me to get over my anti marina ways. It's exhausting being right. Biddle about about marino and look. I will address this. I didn't want him to fail. In fact i'm the guy that thought in this co- vid low block era of football before christmas when spurs were top league. I thought you know what this might work. I was willing to one of the people that said that. So i don't hate him. That is just such a reductive thing. One of my favorite teams the twenty ten entertained. But i just saw no way that this could work so knowing that it can't work knowing that you're going to have a specific type. I'm brand of. Football is different from hating someone. I don't hate him. That's that's not true but you are right about one thing. It is exhausting. And i have nothing. I have nothing new to say about them. I think i'm getting boring about him. I'm we're gonna move on. And i'm going to stop not stop talking about him but i'm definitely going to try and talk about some different angle because i'm boring myself on a probably boring you guys to well and this is probably a good spot to mention Guard bales comments about turning a returning to madrid and not staying on spurs andrew a few. Yeah so i saw that I guess. I can't say i'm surprised by it. I don't know the tottenham will necessarily be disappointed by that. I wonder what real madrid thanks of this like so bail said essentially that he wanted to leave real madrid for this season because he wanted to go somewhere where he could play because he wanted to make sure that he was ready. For wales. so look if tottenham were were used for that purpose so bad. I mean i suppose it was on paper situation where everybody wins. Bail would play tottenham fans would be happy to see one of their heroes. Back in tottenham kit again. Hopefully he would help the team and so be it in the end. I think everyone kind of lost. Dale has not played a ton. It has not gone great. He had a brief patrick. The bail back on twitter was was up at nine but it quickly dropped back two three four. So i if this was his goal to come to tottenham and prove that he is the gareth bale that we knew him to be a couple years ago. I don't know that that's happened. Look he'll still be wales's best player but if you know if he's just assuming okay now i go back to real madrid and continue on and we'll see what madrid thanks. I don't know matt kilfoyle. He wrote to his on the back of our top. Three your schools last week for saint patrick's day And tells us the story of jason mcateer standing up and refusing an invitation from bonn all of you to so basically the crux of this story. Is you two. Were playing a massive gig at slane castle in county me which would be an hour hour and a half outside dublin and On the same day as artem were playing holland in the crucial work qualifier mcateer scores. They win the game and apparently bottled was at the game. He's going to get a helicopter then to slam to do the gig. And he asked jason mcateer tecom on stage with him on front of. I was at the gig by the way. Oh well in. Front of eighty thousand of us At like the place was obsolete packed. It's one of the best concert i've ever been and mcateer basically said no. I'm going on the beer in dublin. With john aldridge agean. Yeah at the gig. They opened with beautiful day and right at the end barnacle waving tri-color and goes beautiful go and talks about jason mcateer for a few minutes. And i'm like that. I mean it's a. He can go onto beer anytime he wants with john aldridge so that was my take away from this so this is just happened and so then jason looks over at john. Presumably says all right ready and john. Now the pressure on john aldridge to show like the time of his life. You just used this moment with bano to have a beer with me. Like i can't live up to this. This isn't fair. No go incredible. Absolutely incredible patrick conway. I'm a longtime listener. First-time send her to the mailbox. I've listened to you to through college and being a constant as i know. Start a job as a teacher. None of my sixth graders seem interested in listening. But i'm working on patrick. Forget the curriculum. Get them downloading. Thank you after. This past weekend's north london darby. I started thinking. Why does it seem like hurricane is constantly getting away with dirty challenges by challenging gabriel. Was born i read offense and it seemed like he didn't even take a look. The part that was more surprising to me was it was that it was a challenge. No one in the british media to talk about the also seems to constantly be docking when defenders go up for headers which. I'm surprised it's not caused any serious head neck injuries to date. This is also something i feel. No one in the british media is talking about it. just because i'm an uncultured. American was overreacting are could be some truth to england's captain getting the benefit of the doubt in media coverage would love to hear your thoughts and the impact of media is had on how we used specific players and if there are any other media agendas and hurting players so patrick ya That challenge i with the challenge and gabrielle. Because we didn't talk about on the podcast of was so many other issues came up. I mean i tweeted at the time that it reminded me of the horrendous challenge. Ben toucher did on federal menendez. Benefactor was playing for manchester city. He basically broke the guys joel as he slammed into him on the sideline now. It's not as bad as that. But it was nasty on if i'm here i'm sending him off. I really you. You thought it was read. Yeah i thought it was a red. Oh wow yeah the second time we watched it not not maybe in life player but the second third fourth time i watched it and that's why i was surprised. Very didn't get involved. He's he's knock on for the ball. Andrew dropped the shoulder and he smashed into into the site gabrielle's head. That's why he compared it to ben thatcher. It is not as bad as that. But the pattern of where he ducks under defenders and flips them over. I mean there's there's there's no question he does that almost every single game. There's there's a montage on twitter of him doing it as dangerous as to the british media. Not talking about england's darling center forward dot happened before with with alan shearer. Alan shearer was extremely combative. In a time where people would argue. He had to be because of the nature of the game and being a centre forward coming up against some pretty tough centrebacks but but he was portrayed as the angel of the north this this man from the Who would bring england to glory in the media and it wasn't really talked about how how combat have. Let's let's call it. That wants it violent. But how how combat if he could be For me can isn't like fast years without specific challenge where he backs into defenders and causes them to flip over. I mean it's really really dangerous. Yeah he he does do that. he's not the only player that i see. Do that But you're right. I mean that's that's legitimate and with respect to the challenge on on gabriel la- to me. It was clear yellow the fact that he escaped any card at all was surprising to me. I guess the only reason that i didn't look at it in thank. Oh that's a red is just to shoulder. Yeah are i guess. I'm just not used to seeing something that looks like that. Be a red. And i think that had it been given as a red we'd be sitting here having the opposite conversation right now. Oh you know. It's physical play. It's an important game. North london darby. You gotta let these guys be physical. Give them a red for that. It's hurricane you don't like we could just as easily be going the other way on something like on a play like that. That isn't you know when when a guy goes into footed studs up like what lamella did elbow to the head..

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