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Hey, exact. You're listening to the best advise show and it's Friday food. Friday. My name is Andrew Scerbo. I am the chef and Creator behind for mental state wage for Andrew. Fermentation is a very practical way for him to feel better. But it's also a metaphor for this piece of advice that keeps coming up on this show. Yeah, so I just started realizing that with any big Improvement in my life, whether it was like learning a new skill like playing guitar or, you know, I'm a magician as well or weight loss or gain, you know, learning how to lift weights at the gym. It was always like small change over time yields, the greatest transformation and I applied that idea to food and like, that's what fermentation is. It just small change over time. So it's just like making the small tweaks, daily can lead you into like the greatest changes. And that's why I chose to get into fermentation. The brain in your gut are connected by this vagus nerve and it's like kind of interesting. So, whatever feed your gut will eventually like, go up its way to the vagus nerve in affect your brain. So if you're eating like crap, all the time, eventually you're going to become depressed and foggy, and exhausted off, and then conversely, you know, like if something scary happens to you or you get really bad news or if you meet someone that's like, you know, gives you butterflies for instance, like you're going to feel that your stomach doesn't have the ability just like laugh or feel like you know a joke is funny or something like that but you know everyone's experience those moments where like you feel like this pit in your stomach. When you hear something uncomfortable or you know what I mean? I think like when you're stressed out you know you can definitely feel that happening and I feel like that's why people sometimes get stomach ulcers and all these things from stress. So it's like if you try to calm yourself down, And you find ways to do that, whether it's exercise or meditation or whatever you can actually, like, you know, control what's happening in your stomach better than if you were to, like, let the stress get to You song, and that's why I say like, don't stress about your gut house just feed it. Well, you know, feature get well and they'll both work together throughout this like most likely Highway between your brain and your stomach, you know, back when your brain and gut are kind of feeling the best, what's what's happening in both of those areas, like what are you eating? And what do you thinking about? I try to. So, I pad, I mean, obviously, I took a lot of people have experienced Stress and Anxiety to a different level in the past year and half because of this pandemic. When I when it first started, I was like definitely experiencing a lot of anxiety in a lot of stress and depression you know but I started amping up the probiotics in my life not really knowing that I was doing it. I just started eating more yogurt, a friend wage Got me drinking kefir. I love pickled vegetables. I like that sort of thing. So, I mean, I just stamped it up anyway, cuz of healthier alternatives to what I could have been eating. I noticed a shift change in my, like, mental Clarity. Like I wasn't as foggy as like I was when I was eating, not as nutrient dense. You know, different types of food and that sort of thing. But yeah, I think upping naturally occurring probiotics in your diet. Whether it's from fermented foods which I I would prefer just because I think they're more flavorful, you know, like me so for example is like one of the most flavorful on the planet even though like on its own it doesn't really taste like much when it's in something you know, it just tastes better. So like I have like this biased towards fermented foods because I think it they offer like more flavor off. Like if I take, you know, fermented blueberries. Like they taste like blueberries like in Stereo of that makes sense, you know, so like something like that where it's a lot more flavorful and then these it's got wage. Is living organisms, and if you will because of the fermentation. You can follow Andrews experiments and fermentation at fermental underscore State on Instagram. That's for mental, fermental underscore State long. It's been another week of the best advice show. We got something out of today's episode and if you did please share it with your family and friends. As always, I would love it if you call me on the advice. Hotline, give me your advice. June 8th for 4935 best..

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