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Used to say, you just go, well, you know, with the base on the basis of new evidence, or with time to consider carefully, I now consider high definition to be a proper group one performer. Yeah, I think that I think they'll be disappointed if he doesn't win this, to be honest. Piledriver is the one they have to be manobo is a fascinating runner and Buick and Applebee can do no wrong. So we'll see how that plays out, but I'll go high definition maneuver reverse forecast and high definition for the win. So there is number one in the patent and you're going manobo as we move on to the oaks. Again, betting with 9 to two high definition, I'd be amazed if he's that price on the day. Emily Upjohn. So this was great for York that there are two classic trials for epsom produced the antibiotics for the oaks and Derby and now she gets put to the test. She turned up a breakfast at the stars. We have no idea who she scalped with, and I'm still uncomfortable with that. I still, how do you feel about that, Mark? Yeah, it's a little bit frustrating, isn't it? That these gallops are often a trade secret. We get to see the horses galloping. We don't know what kind of weeks they carried. We don't know who the galloping with. We don't know what kind of times they've run. In those galaxies, as an aficionado of American racing, American racing is much, much more transparent. When it comes to workouts, we've got workout times each individual horse is timed either from the gate or from a running start. And there's just a lot more transparency in American. I think this is something we could get a lot better at in this country. If a course like epsom and don't get me wrong, I think the breakfast with the stars morning is a tremendous idea. But I think it should almost be packaged as kind of a race meeting in itself, they should tell us who these horses have. The horses are the galloping with. And then just let us form our own opinion as to whether those gallops are worthwhile on. I don't understand what's the need for the secrecy. I don't really get it. I don't get it either. Obviously, it's a different landscape. And it goes back historically in that trainers are training on private land, whereas in America and Hong Kong, they're training on the track. And there's only so many spots in Hong Kong for you to do that. There's only so many spots with tracks in Australia for you to do it. But that means that in the U.S. Hong Kong America, you can go and look at track work. And you and I have spoken about American racing off air. And that is a massive advantage for betters of that sport. The fact remains, though, that if you're going to bring a horse to breakfast with the stars, and gallop that horse, you don't have to tell us how much weight she's carrying, or how much weight the opponent is carrying. But you can at least tell us who the opponent is. Who is she galloping alongside? And to just go, no, I'm not telling you. So has she worked with the second best horse in the yard? The best horse in the yard or the worst horse in the yard. Who is she worked with? Why this cloak and dagger stuff? Like, Willie Mullins, Gordon alias, they Henry bromhead when they're doing their race course gallops before cheltenham. They'll tell you who the horses are. Aidan O'Brien will tell you who the horses are at the Cara when they gallop. On day one after racing, he'll say, oh yeah, this is a lot one will be XYZ. Now, they're not obliged to tell us how much weight is being carried, but at least we get to know. So to just blankly look at you and go, no, we're not telling you. And then Maddie talked about this with me on talks for two on Friday. You then have a picture in the racing post towards Emily Upjohn with anonymous stablemates. It doesn't, it doesn't sit well at all. Anyway, there we go. There's our hot take..

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