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Portland, Oregon City Council is considering an emergency resolution that would ban any city official business dealings with Texas. Ride. Hailing companies uber and lift say they're offering to pay legal fees for drivers who become and sneered in the Texas provision that allows anyone to sue others involved in ending a pregnancy whether they do so willingly. Or not. The coronavirus pandemic severely court curtailed plans for New York City's annual Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade last year. But it's Ben Yarkas from New York public radio reports. The department store says that things are back on track for the big event to be held this November, barring a major shift in public health risks from the pandemic. Giant helium balloons of beloved cartoon characters will once again soar above the streets of Manhattan on Thanksgiving, along with the floats and marching bands, musical performances and random celebrity sightings. Even Santa will make an appearance, And unlike last year, crowds will be on hand to watch the procession. All staff working the event are required to be vaccinated. But what isn't clear is where the public will be able to view the parade. And if there will be vaccination rules for people who attend Macy says that information will be released closer to the event. For NPR News. I'm Ben Yakis in New York. U S futures are lower in after hours trading. I'm Shae Stevens. This is NPR news. Support for NPR comes from NPR stations. Other contributors include the estate of Joan B. Crock, whose bequest serves as an enduring investments in the future of public radio and seeks to help NPR be the model for high quality journalism in the 21st century. And the Annie E. Casey Foundation. Yeah. It's a musical chameleon that can make the same notes sound very different. It's a sonic monster that can deafen a stadium crowd. And even though a well made instruments can be used for decades, several million new ones are still produced and sold every year. Yes, in today's forum from the BBC.

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