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Project has started Doug may back. He is the head of the developer bought mellow. Can you update us on the jail project? Doug puddings are going in right now. So it it is a project that's moving well much more of a normal construction projects in the high rise of Hudson's. So we're excited it will really help. But not just the criminal Justice center. Includes the jail, but also includes the courts that are needed to do. Unfortunately, supply the product for the jail. He's right. As far as the Hudson's high-rise expect that completion in about. At five years. Reporting live, Charlie Langton, WJ NewsRadio nine fifty the season comes to an end for the pistons last night as they lose to the box one twenty seven zero four Little Caesars arena with a look back at what happened. Here's WJ's. Tony Ortiz, and Tony what should be their off-season philosophy offseason philosophy should be to add some more scoring the pistons cannot score a decent defensive team. But as we saw against Milwaukee they only had enough offense to make it through a couple of quarters. They need more offense. The bucks got their offense. Thanks to sound Toco the all-star forward with a game high forty one points to lead Milwaukee to that game four victory last night afterwards Blake Griffin was asked if despite the first round lost to the bucks, if he was all pleased with the way his first full season with the pistons went there's always things as a player as always things you want to build on this year. I think I showed some different parts of my game. But there's still a lot of growth that I can do especially getting year onto my Bill. On the coast, Casey and his staff and understanding our system better an injured left knee with sideline Griffin for much of the final weeks of the regular season. And that was a key factor in the piston sliding all the way back to eighth and having to face a Milwaukee team in the first round of the playoffs that had the best record in the NBA during the regular season live from the sports desk. Tony Ortiz, w w j NewsRadio nine fifty two. Former Republican stay lawmakers are considering a run for Oakland County executive in twenty twenty or lancing bureau chief Tim scuba chasm. Details vacancy in the Oakland County executive posts in the election year, twenty twenty and two former state lawmakers are eyeing the possibility that they may seek to replace L Brooks Patterson who will not run again, the two are former Representative Mike mccready who ran for the Michigan Senate and washed and former state Senator Mike Cole. Well, who ran for congress and lost? They don't think they're done politically and they're weighing the possibilities of trying to replace their current boss. Mr. Paterson decision pending from both teams. W w j NewsRadio nine fifty eight j news time six away time for traffic.

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