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Be sharing some of our favorite songs about animals but I some new music. That is a little bit of one more year. The lead track from the slow rush the newest and fourth album from Tame Impala Greg. You and I were super excited when this band burst out of Perth Australia. In the mid two thousands they were guests on the show. When I say they I'm really talking about Kevin Parker and occasionally some help a classic bedroom or tour sonic craftsmen. They were on the show in two thousand thirteen episode five. Oh three we both put loaner ISM on our top tens in two thousand twelve. We've been following eagerly everything that Mr Parker has given us. Working in the past with Dave Friedman he was obviously a fan of the flaming lips their longtime producer coming from that general space and then growing over three albums and then a long delay going on five years. Since we've gotten new music from Kevin Parker now here. We have the slow rush. Let's play a track from it. We'll come back and give our opinions in a minute. This is it might be time. Indeed Mr Parker on sound opinions see it might be time from the new. Tame IMPALA record the slow rush the slow Russia well name because it was slow and making it and that's.

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