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Was caused by the detonation of more than 2700 tons of ammonium nitrate that had been stored in a warehouse for years. At least six people have died after what is now tropical Storm E. C. A spawn tornadoes lock, knock down trees and flooded roads along the East coast. The storm made landfall last night. It's a Category one hurricane here. Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina. The husband of the district attorney in Los Angeles criminally charge after authorities say he threatened to shoot protesters outside their home. Black lives matter. Protesters have gathered outside of district Attorney Jackie Lacy's home night after night in Los Angeles, angered over what they said was her inaction toward police officers use of force One day before Super Tuesday, the date Lacey was running in the primary. Her husband, David, stood in the front door of their home in the early morning hours, pointed a gun at the demonstrators and said he would shoot. Now the state attorney general has charged him with three misdemeanors assault with a firearm. Lacey failed to get more than 50% of the vote on March 3rd, so she now has to face former San Francisco district Attorney George Gascon in a runoff in November. Jessica Rosenthal, Fox News, Health and Human Services Secretary. Alex A czar will be leading a delegation to Taiwan in the coming days. America's listening to Fox News And I've got this pack of four sharp rescue dogs. Jimmy Coco, another Sharpay. One pug. Who is Jo. I have stuck with the dynamite for my goodness. Probably 56 years I n O b I t people remark on really How well my dogs.

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