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On the dan ryan expressway blocking the mayor and governor are in a war of words over that protest and north korea accuses washington of making gangster like demands over abandoning its nuclear weapons more just ahead from cbs news wbz m sport this is george op reds lead the cubs five two in the fifth saxon nationals about to get underway world cup extra time croatia russia tied at one sunny this afternoon look for a high of eighty four tonight clear skies the low sixty one it's three o'clock cbs news on the hour sponsored by quicken loans i'm bill rakoff north korea says in a statement that talks between their foreign minister and secretary of state mon by mike pompeo were disappointing cbs has done kirk reports from seoul six hours of talks with kim yong chill their chief negotiator on this whole issue and he claimed progress but north korea has promptly pour cold water over that claim university of virginia political analyst larry sabato says via skype at the trump administration's claims of a nuclearfree north korea were always overstated agreement was supposedly from the american side that there would be complete their viable irreversible denuclearization the north koreans were never going to buy into that so far there's been no comment and or tweet from the state department or the administration on north korea's dismissal of those talks president trump in his weekly address says that is pick for the supreme court is going to be a strict originalist choosing justice kennedy's replacement my greatest responsibility is to select a justice who will faithfully interpret the constitution as written cbs news will carry live coverage of the announcement of mr trump's choice for supreme court justice at nine pm on monday on many of these stations in chicago protesters partly shut down a major chicago highway today over gun violence in the windy city wbz m reporter bob roberts was their father michael tigar it was mission accomplished that included negotiations over just where the protesters could go came to send it down that's what we did leaguer wants an end to the violence and a lot more issues that include better schools more jobs help for those leaving prison economic development stronger gun laws and mental health help police say that five people killed in a crash on a delaware highway whereas sixty one year old father from new jersey and his four daughters wcbs reporter steve byrne on delaware route one about thirty miles south of wilmington state police say a pickup truck headed south in the northbound lanes glanced off one car then slammed into a minivan friday afternoon a father and four of his daughters in the minivan were killed two thirteen year olds a seventeen year old and a twenty year old the man's wife was sent to the hospital in serious condition police say the families from teaneck new jersey pickup truck had to occupants that were transported to a local area hospital with non life threatening injuries mastercorporal melissa jaffe says they're still trying to figure out why the pickups driver headed into oncoming traffic one person has been gored on the first day of spain's pamplona bull running festival the.

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