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Often than seventy newsradio the clouds should be burning off later on before we had into the lunch hour for some parts and then we're looking at mostly sunny skies with highs today a little closer to where we should be this time of year and then we will continue to cool as we head into wednesday seventyfive will be the high today for eleonore orange county metro eighty three for the valleys seventy right along the coast and then again as we head into wednesday we will drop couple more degrees before we start to really warm right back up again as at high pressure system slowly starts to expand back over toward the southland was other california's most accurate dependable forecast i'm cvs to meteorologists amber lee for knx ten seventy newsradio sixtythree agoura hills at sixty two nine seventeen at kennex base is postponing tourist trips to the moon they say maybe next year we'll see so according to a report in the wall street journal that says the tourists will have to wait again to the maybe the middle of next year or later managing editor for space dot com tariq malik tells connects he thinks it's just a temporary setback for space fans disappointing with mission get pushed later the falcon heavy rocket which launched for the first time this year was supposed to launch in several years ago i have learned in the past that if basic says they're gonna do something eventually they will do it one way or another dragon capsule orbit the moon and then come back the union representing the thousands of acres hotel casino workers has reached tentative deals with mgm and seizures they employ more than two thirds of the fifty thousand workers that had been threatening to strike the union now says it is focusing on contracts with the smaller casinos supreme court ruled in favor of a man who refused to.

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