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The Canucks made Game seven twice. In that time, Calgary made game 704. The Oilers made game 706 and then Ottawa went 57 lost. Last night, Montreal went five and lost. Two Canadian teams that haven't made a Stanley Cup final in the 28 years since the mate believes who have been there for the entire 28, the Winnipeg Jets who haven't been there for, like seven minutes. So think about how crazy this is Bogue's That since a Canadian team and they had seven squads. At least now. Have won a cup. The Red Wings have won four of them. Devils Lightning Penguins Black caucus have won three as of 12 and Canadian teams have lost four game sevens of the Stanley Cup final. What do you say, and I even I even think the random single winners are the more telling than the multiple winners because the dynasty is a dynasty and teams that have extended success is one thing. But the teams that have found their way stumbled their way to a Stanley Cup. I mean, there's so many random names on that list I just went through, and none of them is from Canada. I mean, it is It does seem like there is some kind of curse here. That's just keeping them. I would have given that cut back at it. This is a Canadian game. Obviously, math is out of their side. They're only what at best, like 1/6 of the league or so. So that doesn't help their cause either. But still you you'd think a hot now. Hot goalies have gotten them to the end, but not all the way to the end. But It's got to just happen almost by accident. Sometimes soon for the country, you would think there about 1/4 of the league. There's seven hockey teams in Canada and there's 38. There's 30 total NHL teams, right? 31 is going to be Seattle. I believe correct. There's seven of 30 so a little bit less than a quarter of the league and they have not been Cup champions since 1993 which is insane, Speaking of numbers not being on our side, Bogue's We've gone old for three with Chuck Person over three. He was so Sean wins at 8 20 at 8 20 today was scheduled to come on. And he did not call us. And then Sam reached out to him and Sam, did you get crickets both text and call straight crickets. Great crickets so This is slightly devastating, not because we had to have Chuck person on the show, but that He went over three with us this week. Free and Today specifically picked a time right, Sam that he picked this time specifically because it worked best for him before his training began. I would say it was mutual between me and him. I wanted to get away from the potential running up into his 9 30 start time that we had yesterday or 9 26 whatever it was yesterday, so I wanted to just, you know, let's bump it up an hour. Give you plenty of time. Nothing. So we went over three with Chuck. But most devastatingly is that he did call yesterday in the sandwich game. He called yesterday on Day two. To the wrong hotline number because more as gave eight in the wrong number, so bugs of all the things He did blow us off twice. And then once he called the wrong number bailed on us another time, But he did make the effort to call it just that Marazzina gave the wrong phone number to give him I would even bump it up to. He bailed on us 2.5 times because calling once getting a new number and not calling back is also completely bailing on us. So I mean, he's almost there. And this is a guy that I think is an N C double a limbo for a certain off court issues, and I don't think it's limbo. I think he's just no. I think he's officially nice not allowed to coach so I think the only the only situation now is he's got to be India show limbo as well here. I mean, he's got to get a ban. He's got to get our version of a show cause penalty right now. He Okay, so because he was the assistant coach at Auburn when they were wrapped up in the Adidas scandal, Chuck person lost his job there. As a college coach. He's now running a training center. I believe for athletes, basketball players, etcetera. Which is what you wanted us to promote. So apparently doesn't need us to promote that these days. But Does this reach Bobby Valentine level? Richard Justice level Joey Chestnut level of a ban if we go over three, and you've blown us off 2.5 times. Is that good for lifetime ban? I don't know if I'm there yet because he did call in yesterday but more as botched the phone number, so I'm not sure I'm ready to go there yet within two minutes Of him hanging up on the W F A N hotline. I had already called him twice yesterday and got no answer. So that's kind of a bail. Yeah, that's pretty bail worthy there. I mean, if not lifetime D A. This is a lengthy chuck person ban here, and he cannot be even attempted to be on the show again. I would think in the calendar year of 2021. Maybe when the new year begins, we can reconsider because we have to have some pride as a show like we can't keep groveling and begging Chuck person to come on. It's not like it's Joe Montana or Bill Russell. That's blown us off three times as Chuck person. Right? He's not. We do not need to let Chuck person run all over us. We can find other chuck people to come on this show and talk to us. Okay? Basketball, whatever, who treated me most poorly this week. Chuck Person, or Danny, the car salesman who disrespected me more Danny by lying to my face and saying that I mis interpreted his email. Or chuck person from blowing me off 2.5 times. This has to be on Daniel, Car salesman. I mean, that was a personal attack about your physical and mental shortcomings. Chuck Person doesn't know who he's not calling in has nothing to do with you. He's just being chuck person. Danny was coming for you. So Danny wins this in a runaway, Okay? Okay? When we come back here on the show, I guess that didn't come through for us this week. Lionel Hollins, Lakers assistant coach Now LeBron complained about the shortened offseason. The condensed schedule Causing a myriad of injuries to him, his teammates and for other players around the NBA, But his coaches assistant coach yesterday on this show said not buying it. I got to replay that clip for you next and talk about it cause it was really interesting from Holland's yesterday here on the Show, D, a CBS Sports radio. Finding great candidates to hire can be like well, trying to find a needle in a haystack. Sure, you can post your job to some job board. But then all you can do is hope the right person comes along. Which is why you should try Zip Recruiter for free at.

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