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97 7 Good morning to take 31, With some light rain continuing to fall in Seattle, the temperature is 44 degrees, along with Greg Herschel time Manda Factor here. The top stories from the Come on. 24 7 News Center expect to see tighter security than normal at the state Capitol when the Washington Legislature convenes on Monday. The heavier presence comes after rioters stormed the U. S Capitol and protesters in Olympia broke through a gate on the governor's mansion property in Olympia on Wednesday, and we get more from comas. Jonathan shows lawmakers on both sides of the aisle ER, still on edge and worried about security. We have to be able to do our business and not be intimidated and scared if protesters show up Monday. There are concerns a repeat of Washington, D. C could play out in Olympia. That's why Republican State Senator Phil Fortunato says changes are coming. We're gonna have to go get checked in individually going into the Capitol Building. State Patrol also says, Expect heavy security on the Capitol grounds, along with more troopers in and around the area. The sight of rioters at the U. S Capitol building Wednesday was stunning to Americans. And it's causing a lot of people to say those writers were treated differently than the BLM protesters were last year. There's a double standard in protest all across America. So yes, we see it on the Grand Scale and Washington D. C. But we also see it right here in Seattle as someone who's lived through and documented the unrest in Seattle converge, Media's Omari Salisbury says. Whether it's the writers in Seattle, causing destruction on our streets or the trump extremists who ravaged the capital. It highlights a difference and how protesters of different races are treated. What do you think they would have this much tolerance on Capitol Hill? If those nightly demonstrations were all black kids, activists say the way forward will be more important than ever until we're willing to acknowledge our history together, then we can't move forward, made his comments to co most. Tammy Natasa, State lawmaker in Oregon, is under investigation, accused of opening the doors of the state Capitol in Salem and inviting violent protesters. Insides. Coehlo score one headache. The incident in question happened Last month, Demonstrators stormed the state Capitol December 21st during a reopen Oregon rally, smashing windows and gaining entrance while lawmakers were inside for a special session for people were arrested. Now our news partner K two is reporting, Oregon State police told House Speaker Tina Coat check. They have confirmed a Republican state representative named Mike Niermann opened the door to allow protesters into the building is a serious, serious breach of public trucks. This is speaker coat check his actions put staff and legislators and law enforcement in danger, She says. Legislators and staff who are also persons of color were especially terrorized because the rhetoric of the demonstrators Is out of the trump playbook and very much caters to wait. Supremacist Motivations chairman has offered no comment. Kotex says she is currently exploring options to address near Mons alleged actions. Corwin Hate Coma News Coming up on the comb all morning news. More school district's announcing plans to return students to in person instruction. I'm Carleen Johnson. 34 right now. And traffic.

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