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Restrictions. Apply. See stores, staples dot com slash 30 and rewards for details Staples. From the Southern California Toyota Dealers Traffic Center. We make it easy. It's low on PCH in Malibu with the South found a laser backing up away from Big Rock. Dr. Taken you ahead all the way to just past Sunset Boulevard wear a crash should be wrapping up of the delays are huge. It's also affecting south bound lanes of Topanga Canyon as you come up on Pacific Coast Highway. Let's now check out the drive with Mike O'Brien K a pie in the sky. Sponsored by injury. Attorney Superwoman super lawyer dot com. He's got wittier quite a mess here. Angel 605 North bound just past Beverly, a little before Rose Hills. Injury accident blocking the car pulling the two left lanes. So very, very tough. This is this crawling speeds here back way back to the one old five South bound side of the 605. That's gonna be showing from the 60 to this problem and then up ahead. You've got a little pinch around Slawson with that problem to the right shoulder. It's the problems on the five and downy South downside of the fire before Lakewood Rose made that accident to the right shoulder and keeping things extra tight for me. Stella entered changed injured in an accident. There's a superwoman super lawyer dot com. Mike O'Brien KF eye in the sky Someday just sponsored by Riverside University health Systems K A pie in the sky helps get you there faster. I'm Angel Martinez this year give the ones you love the gift of attention. Stay connected to friends and family. And if you sense something is Off. Trust your instincts and be persistent visit up to riverside.

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