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Five ten now to the Harley exterior sports update ten Tom hustler the mariners were to have been Kansas city for their first road trip the Huskies were going to be taking part in spring football practice and the Sounders would have a game tonight at Nashville none of that is happening of course because of the corona virus pandemic another thing it's not happening the husky open crew races on the Montlake cut coach Michael Callahan talked about the cancelling of the cruise season including the Windermere Cup on may second said as tough as it is it's the right call it might be very grateful you get to pursue your dreams a lot of people I don't get to do that and you have to get up from a personal perspective perspective enjoying the journey and I'll be really Frank I'm disappointed about the season brother and I also know we we've created something really special in our group turning to golf British open organizer say postponement is an option for this year's turnout at royal St George's the one hundred forty ninth edition of the open championship set to take place July sixteenth through nineteenth the last time the open wasn't played was in nineteen forty five because of World War two the same situation as occurred at Wimbledon and former major league all star Jim Edmonds says he's tested positive for the new coronavirus Hanford ammonia had been said in a video posted on Instagram he is symptom free now and doing really well and thank people for their well wishes the forty on your plate seventy big league seasons mostly for the California and Los Angeles angels and the St Louis cardinals were hit three hundred ninety three combined home runs four to ten forty Patty tower tumblr local news come on it's time five twelve as the pandemic spreads millions of Americans are losing jobs and health insurance the soaring number of Americans out of work a record six point six million people laid off last week alone in just two weeks nearly ten million people in this country have filed new claims for unemployment insurance a staggering figure which doesn't even include the self employed or undocumented workers or the many Americans who been trying to apply but can't like Emily Tucker who worked as a sales associate in San Antonio Texas I just got an apartment started a new job and I was laid off and because my business is not essential Lee has been trying to file for unemployment benefits for more than two weeks I can't even get in contact with somebody to speak with them I'm sorry I'm stuck with bills to pay mouths to feed no job to provide me an income growing unemployment numbers put unprecedented strain on phone lines and websites dedicated to unemployment benefits that rising joblessness adding another strain the potential loss of health insurance for millions we have never experienced an economic crisis that has come on you know this fast or this profoundly and this is coming in the midst of not just an economic crisis but a public health crisis as well when people need their health insurance more than ever after losing her job as a cook in Las Vegas two weeks ago Jacqueline Bali on has been trying unsuccessfully to file for unemployment I'm running out of all my.

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