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Now this Bloomberg sports update the New York Giants set to hire Buffalo Bills offense of coordinator Brian davell as their new head coach Dave ball replaces Joe judge who won just ten games and two seasons the third consecutive coach fired after only two seasons with the team known for his offensive mind day ball had buffalo in the top 5 in the NFL and offense each of the past two seasons but it comes just a week after the team hired builds assistant general manager Joe Shane to be their general manager The rangers retired Henrik lundquist number 30 before Friday's game against Minnesota the 39 year old is one of 11 rangers to have his Jersey retired lundquist announced his retirement last year due to health reasons after hard surgery but he is currently doing hockey commentary for the team after the ceremony the rangers suffered a three two loss to the wild the rangers had taken a two nothing first period lead on golds by Barclay goodrow and Chris kreider for kreiner his league leading 31st but the wild chipped away in a Frederick goudreau's goal at one 49 of the third period was the game winner former ranger Matt zuccarello also scoring for the wild his 13th of the season The weather impacting the NHL schedule later this afternoon this afternoon's game between Seattle and the islanders at UBS arena has been moved to Wednesday due to the impending snowstorm the Devils will be at Carolina at 7 later this evening The next news there third in a row one 23 one O 8 on the road to the Milwaukee Bucks and then fournier leading the next 25.7 rebounds and three assists ESPN reporting that the next have expressed a willingness to trade some of their veteran players such as Kemba Walker fournier and Alec Burke's Lynette said Friday off they are going to be a Golden State later tonight at 8 30 for the second year in a row That's forward Kevin Durant was the leading vote getter in the Eastern Conference and.

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