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This. Day. Hello people of Earth. I have taken the microphone today from Mr. Paul Scheer to takeover this. How did this get made many episode as you all know, don't traffic in the Minis I've only come on a mini. Few Times to talk about things that I really do care about. I. Don't know what a regular mini sounds like. I don't know what Jason Paul up to on their minis and to be quite honest. I, don't care to know. But today I'm here on many talking with two incredible women who I have had the honor of knowing working with and creating a business with over the last few years you may have heard me mention once or twice the community I co founded the Jane Club. But until now I have kept these two women out of the spotlight out of fear that once people know about them, their careers would skyrocket and they would leave the startup life. For the compensation and dignity of Fortune Five Hundred Company and I will introduce these phenomenal women in one moment but I wanna start out this mini the way we start out all of our gatherings at chain. How did this get made listeners? My name is June my pronouns are she her hers and I want to start our conversation today by acknowledging the traditional custodians of the land upon which I am on in my home, the tongue tribe and their elders past and present, and as so many of our listeners are listening folding their laundry on with their dogs all over this country I want. To, acknowledge the traditional custodians of this country, the indigenous peoples in their elders past and present. I also WANNA name that today my highest intention is that my words and language do not cause harm to my guests or to those listening in and I will be holding that intention throughout this conversation and I will also stand in feedback if I fall short of those intentions I just laid out. For those of you, how did this get made listeners who do not know what the Jane Club is? Leave. Just, sign off right now. No I'm only kidding of course we are a curated community platform that offers live gatherings social connection that is educational inspirational and transformative, and our mission is to take care of the women who take care of everything else and we define women as all of those who identify as women. We recognize the paid and unpaid Labor that women do how undervalued our time is and how many spaces we hold in our lives. So taking their time right now to share with our, how did this get made? Community is no small thing to me. I am so honored that our chief community engagement officer Shanta Valdez, and our chief diversity equity and inclusion officer. Neal, Dhaliwal have agreed to be on a mini episode for a podcast about bad movies what welcome Neil indeed and Shawna I'm so happy to have you here with me. Hi Jim. Thanks for having us. What a thrill high nil mgh low I'm excited. Delighted to be here. This is the thrill of a lifetime will I would love to start off with you shot up looking back on it all e new I. This is the first I mean I don't know maybe a life a life pursuing an acting career is a startup in general, but this is the first startup that I've ever worked on And because you've been there from the beginning, we've made so many mistakes. And and we've done so many things well as you look back to where we are now and just so our listeners know we have converted completely into the digital space since March we are. Now we now have jeans and over thirty four states and counting hour by hour and four countries and we have been able to unbelievably grow and expand during this time which has been so exciting. But Shanta as you look back on it all what are the things that you feel we've done well, and what are the things you look back on and think, Oh, we should have fixed that or we shouldn't have done that. I was ask for little bit of feedback classic. I have to be honest I don't know that I think there is I don't know that there is anything that we haven't done. Well, one of the things that I love the a phrase that you introduced me to is that sometimes we are flying the airplane while we are building it. Anything it's exhausting. But I will say if anything I think that we didn't I don't know how we could have anticipated how needed that we would be what a spot the chain club fills in people's lives I was the first one who was a complete skeptic and as you diagnose I'm the first one to always put on a frowny face whenever anything new gets introduced because things I'm not a believer in anything change and I was thinking things you like say. Exactly yeah same same and when we met and we knew that we would be moving on to a digital community I had nothing. But doubts I didn't have any idea of how. To I didn't know how we would be able to translate the feeling of being in the Jane Club through a computer screen that didn't seem possible to me that feels like very one on one personal relationship but I will say like every other area of my life I was completely wrong. I was wrong. Not only again is it possible? The things that I think again that we have going us is well. You've picked a stellar team Neilan Geeta included. We have real dedicated people on our executive team people who are passionate about what the Jank has to offer what our missions are, what our guidelines we have everyone. WHO's here is here by choice certainly not by force and I, think that says a lot for it right there. We are tireless and I remember those as I call them a salad days when we started. It was a lot of hard work and not quite sure what we're doing. So as we transition into the digital space to meet with sort of that feeling all over again, it's we circle the wagons. Oh, money transitions. So many transitions and I think that we have not just kept against stepped up our programming I. think it is so varied I. Think it speaks you introverts, extroverts, writers, performers, Comedians, people who are shy. People who are not doing great identify as shy. Sometimes. Hard for people but I, I am. Person, so. You say that you claim to be an nature for. Sean I was just I spent the first six years of my life like peeking out from behind my mother's skirt like just viewing the world's like through a pleat. I identify as a shy girl to Mike that's. My inner Yeah that's that's who I actually am. And I work against that really hard but that's actually who I am. will so many transitions so many so many lessons along the way I mean I remember just thinking about being. a startup and at one point someone who is on our team someone asked me like Oh. Can you just send this kid can't? Answer that question and I was like, billy, who's billing that's you then I and then I sit to. CEO's I. think that's us. Like. God, what I wouldn't give for billing department. But speaking of startups the importance of. Infrastructure and sort of corporate infrastructure and integrity early on. Having Chief Diversity Equity Inclusion Officer. On board start up in the early days is not very common and Neelam Gee I. You have not only you have not only gotten our company into shape and gotten our minds, right? I'm all the mistakes we were making an all of the ways in which white supremacy was functioning within the gene club. And and helped us be able to name that and look at that you have also Gosh, you have changed the mission of the club..

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