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What s versus though for now because we can get now. I'm sorry wow listen looking at right now creating this content. So yeah that's a fact but you did. You wrote that die. So are we going next. La supreme happy thanksgiving thanksgiving a man a toy museum versus an unofficial versus efficient. Could you imagine now. Let's not that and that's not all. Let me jump in the water rope and gave back these. Have you listened to the less interact. I don't want to talk about this right now. Don't i don't. I don't let me say that. Let's see that the we come right back the next door pop. Hey it's crazy parties Today is a big fan. My i really don't have to hold my head down in shame because they're not doing anything. That's stupid right now. What is the latest thing that would be noteworthy that our actually pay attention do knicks fan. So i gotta say that this small small stuff. Okay but nothing retarded and i'm telling you sometimes steve stoute bro sometime. Try telling something is doing something. Yeah they have not done anything retarded yet. That's what a lot of women say they. They haven't done anything they flipped. They've flipped up a player that never even saw for them. And got three hundred. Pixel huda Ed davis by this certain stuff match rate. Yep your office. That'd be that'd be what they normally do to us. It got done to them. I'll see it's just a ski stout impact right david. I'm now as leader in you. Sleep lowered also. Yeah he did. He is a listen. I can't wait. I'm looking forward to that first time in a long time any. They're not embarrassed. They didn't do nothing that i was looking at like. What the fuck is one in his shin. let's get excited about the knicks. Play turkey day sturdy. We give thanks in things. What else you got These gucci eighty five. Now still a good deed no recipes recipes. David dinkins says worrisome..

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