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Republicans wanna go on healthcare and they are very split on the tax cut. And there is a real argument to make with these voters on fiscal responsibility that I think a lot of the Democrats that are running in this district are going to do. So I don't accept that. We, if all voters care about is the economy and if that's their top issue heading into the voting booth in November that they automatically pull the lever for Republican. I think Democrats have a really good case to make on economic issues as well. These are also highly educated pretty nuanced voters. And we do find that they're very split on who to give credit for the economy to. They know that you know, Donald Trump took office a little more than a year ago. So they're like, well, bomb deserve some. Credit too, but it's also this is just the fiscal cycle. This is how things go like they're, they're not willing to just say, yes, Republicans are always better for the economy Lisa. What are you saying to Republican candidates who are in these suburban districts that's different from what you were telling them in? Oh, six or ten or twelve or fourteen? Or is it still the same? I mean, I mean a lot of it's the same. I think part of the difference this cycle is an six voters had a real problem with a lot of the policies of President Bush mostly that that was around the Iraq war, obviously. And this cycle most of the problems in around the president himself, how they see his character and the way he behaves and in not is much around the actual policies and, and that's what's interesting alley because I agree with Lisa point that it seems to be so much more personality focused than policy focused. And yet when. They meet democratic candidates, and I watched democratic ads. They don't talk about Donald Trump. They don't talk about his personality. They talk about health care for the tax Bill or some other issue. So how much of the race is going to be determined by personality versus the issues we'll Democrats don't need to talk about Donald Trump's personality. Because as I like to say, the Trump circus is happening. It is happening around us every day and everyone knows it. And I think that there are plenty of Donald Trump's policies that are pretty unpopular from pulling out of the Paris climate accord to the tariffs, I think have some real potential for some opposition. Even, you know their crown jewel. The tax cut is very mixed. I mean, it's there. It's pretty split. Evenly healthcare is a problem for them. Bush had Katrina, Donald Trump has Puerto Rico, you know, there's a lot of corruption issues and misuse of taxpayer dollars that I think our problems for people in the suburbs. So I, I think Democrats are running on a policy agenda. And I think again, the personality of Donald Trump is the backdrop for everything, but they know that that is only opened the door for for a democrat to walk through and they need to prove themselves in order to walk through that door and actually get elected, at least if this were president Jeb Bush or president Mitt Romney right now, would we be talking about the suburban vote as being so critical in this election that these would be real swing districts? Well, I'm, I mean, I think we still be talking about. I don't know if we'd be seeing the enthusiasm that we're seeing not just among st- traditional democratic voters in these districts, but amongst college educated women who have really either been independence or a lot of 'em. These suburban districts have been soft Republicans or establishment Republicans or whatever sort of definition wanna give them..

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