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Streams of life, worship center and ended up inside the church lobby a pastor there witness the crash, a Sioux, Tonto greens, she says, yeah, exempted that I should not time the vehicle and so they'd be able to. The judge and what caused the accident is still be being investigated this afternoon. But thankfully, nobody was in the building at the time and the second attack in as many months in, in as many months on tanker ships near the strait of Hormuz has sent oil prices higher. But thankfully, not drastically. So the only way to ship oil out of the Persian Gulf is through the strait of Hormuz and estimated twenty percent of the world's oil passes through a two mile wide shipping channel their Thursday's attack on a tanker near that critical chokepoint sent oil prices higher. But analysts are saying that the game may have been much higher in other years. Oil prices are near a five month. Low, thanks to trade tensions between the United States and China and slower growth globally and the continued shale boom, in the US is a stabilizing influence on oil prices compensating for any shocks oil supply. Dave Packer, ABC news. Hundreds of Orlando international airport employees are regularly getting parking tickets at work, and that's because away added so many new jobs without having. Enough parking spots available airport officials admit the parking lot is too small, but nobody is sure what can be done about it right now. Each parking ticket is at least twenty two bucks. Well, there's many disappointed visitors at universal Orlando today, guests Scott there early to try out the new Harry Potter themed roller coaster, but it was shut down by noon. The ride was open. But the time was six hours when it debuted yesterday, the time was ten hours, we're going to have ic- Florida's. Shelly care, and on with us on our land. Does evening news talk about what led up to that. And how they resolved that issue at universal Orlando, it's five oh, four at news ninety six point five, WDBO SafeTouch Security, home of the verified response, weather brought to you by US heating and air conditioning. Partly cloudy and mainly dry for the remainder of this evening and through the overnight..

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