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Oscar goes to over auto oh with kevin kline interest think choice tell me why um they actually has to do because goma lake favorite wife and i'm a huge every aspect ban and like you wanted his first film all right i just i really appreciate everything that you on there on the move before it's amazing to it's a good movie to anini hits it holds the retention i mean i think silverado i think it's a very underrated these well rich and hartland richer wtmj good afternoon hijau coverage happy friday era the amen to that america i'm gonna go with apocalypse now okay uh the the original one were have you seen than they came out with all the added seen zone unarmed out ear at the original okay without there are a great group of act earth a great story line great our prayer our area irishamerican a very young or elite younger of laid yeah he played like a bit for a small port beginning he was the aid to the general daria riot i believe going like bank years old by arc bombard hugh robert ball bennett popper arslan grand oath effect great actor okay he his my theory apocalypse now the rich i i always hugh that is to movies i thought the beginning i thought up to the marlon brando park i thought it was a great movie i thought that last quarter would ever with marlon brando maybe i just didn't get it working or not will up up until the yeah yeah and if they see that basic i was so that is to movies and apparently brando candid with serie is he showed up late really heavy in you know do didn't want to like learn lines and stuff like that i i always like 'apocalypse now i always see this to movies a great movie up until the marlon brando stuff and after that kinda in but nevertheless four one four seven nine nine would 620 caroline waukesha carragher wtmj hello hour the oscar goes to karn with the wear yes yeah i i wonder if i wonder if people are gonna see that is much anymore because there's going to be folks who to say it's politically incorrect now because it glamorizes the you know a civil war south i hope not if the good movie that his three drama action and clark gable will do the lee abject ethics thanks.

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