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He loves side, the side motion, and I think Maryland has a lot of guys like tie Johnson, even a guy like Anthony McFarland who's a little smaller, but he's just a burner a little lower on the depth chart, but the dude can run. I wanna see what Canada can do to utilize those skill sets. I think there's a lot of room to grow their the line is completely back. Everyone's pretty big over three hundred pounds DJ Durkan's recruited really well along the line. All the ingredients are here for a good offense that they can stay healthy. So that's one re one real big reason to care. Okay, I'm with ya. The other reason is that they've got a bona fide star on defense. They do, how do I say this name? Anytime they please tell me how to say this name. I. It's jesse. Jesse anyone them. I don't know any bottom any Bonham any on them. Let's go with that. He was down for the year last year had an ankle injury, but he is back in two thousand eighteen. They've also added three high profile transfers Byron Byron coward who comes over from Auburn. Yeah, it was formerly the number one recruit in the country back in twenty fifteen. Anna bone them Anna bone. Thank you, Anna bone them. They've also got trae Watson coming over at linebacker from Illinois and Marcus Lewis at cornerback coming over from Florida state. Okay. So DJ Durkan despite the fact that they went four and eighty year ago, I think is very quietly assembled the ingredients here to put something together at Maryland, and I'm really excited to see what he can do now. I think the move the Canada is is incredible. I think it will pay instant returns. I think Qassim hill. Should be the guy at quarterback because he's a little bigger and just really fits the mold of what Canada wants to do. My what the the double tie backfield I don't care. I don't care how I like tyrel pilgrim. I do. Okay. I like him too. And if he asked to step in if Qassim hill for whatever reason isn't healthy, I think he'll do just fine. But I think Qassim hills, the guy I think he fits. I think tied Johnson will have a nice year. I'm excited about what Matt Canada brings to the equation, and I'll feel in six, six. It may not be mathematically possible, but I'm feeling six and six to my core. Wow. Okay. So we saw what the best of Maryland could look like last year, their opener against Texas in Austin, running all over the damn well put up nine or two, nine hundred five hundred yards, much of it on the ground, even with casino coming in at the end, they beat Texas. What ended up being very good Texas defense. So we saw the potential there. I, I think you're right on. All counts. I think Maryland is kind of a yes but team where there's a lot to talk yourself into. Yes. But the the big ten east, you know what I mean? Like you gotta find those six wins. You have to like you have to search and maybe a magnifying glass maybe up to change your angle. You have to get some more natural light in the room to really find those end. There's take those winnable games, but even the non elite elite teams on their schedule, they open against Texas, who will be ready and we'll be prepared and will be better than they were in game one of last year. But that game is in its not in college park. I think it's in Landover. I think it's where the the NFL stadium is. But even throwing away at Michigan throwing away Michigan state Ohio State and going to Penn State, they have to go to Iowa. Yeah, that's another added. Amid like after Texas, it's bowling green. It's secretly feisty temple which will get into on one of these preview shows it's Minnesota will be better, but I'm not terribly scared of. It's at your Indiana hoosiers now be tween, Michigan state and Ohio states. So they feel yes, buddy in the way that maybe Kansas state does the way that maybe Calderas. In the way that I'm trying to think of the ACC equivalent the, yes, buddy team. I, I like Maryland..

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