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Just over five years after Eric garner died as New York police tried to take you into custody the officer involved in the arrest attempt was fired today fox's colonel Scott joins us live you're rich NYPD commissioner James o'neill fired officer Daniel Pantaleo after saying his restraint of garner turned into an illegal chokehold leading to garner's death but the head of the police benevolent association Pat Lynch said or what the commissioner believes should have happened is unrealistic that's four seconds you're going to reevaluate on moving situation is just absolutely not truthful and natural links calls for a no confidence vote against o'neal garner's family says they're happy with the firing but five years later is five years too late rich your knowledge shakeup in leadership at the bureau of prisons following the suicide of accused sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein while in federal custody Attorney General William Barr reassigning the acting director of prisons installing a doctor Kathleen hawks Sawyer who held the post previously from nineteen ninety two and sold two thousand three Attorney General William Barr saying there were serious irregularities at the metropolitan correctional center that allowed for Jeffrey I've seen to hang himself in a suicide according the autopsy report boxes Brian Yenice Russian president Vladimir Putin says there's no threat from a deadly explosion at a secretive naval weapons testing range that is prompted international concern about radiation leaks several people were killed and injured in the August eighth incident though the exact number is yet unclear and I'm swing on Wall Street on news of a new trade talks with China the Dow gaining two hundred forty nine points the S. and P. thirty five points higher the nasdaq closing with a one hundred seven point gain America.

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