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However, I've never seen a horse win the gold cop like that. Quick and up like that and win 15 lens going away. I mean, at all it was phenomenal. He's obviously a phenomenal racehorse. But the way that Rachel was able to conserve his pace and keep close enough to endor, that she didn't have a mountain to climb. And went to brave when the brave route. I mean, she was only one or two off the rail the whole way. That's the brave Ruth. I mean, it's not like she got the run down the inner or she got her run down the outer, like she did in the champion horror where she went around the outside. I mean, she went to brave root. It was a very brave ride. And you know, I can really relate to that. And I thought it was a fantastic ride. The harsh really, really piqued in the go hope to share it. That is the best performance I have seen without harsh. Now, he's obviously improved with time, but you must remember, this house had enough pace to be track and persuade the grade one over two mile at 11. So he this horse has always wanted the goal called trip, but he has equally always wanted that kind of ride. And he needed to be ridden with lots of confidence and lots of patience over that trip to use his pace in the last two photos. And that I feel is that is the key to the horse. And if you look back at the saddles, maybe he wasn't right in the 7th lapis town, but again, made plenty of use of now over that three mile at labor town on softer ground, but all that good ground, the last Friday, he was able to use his pace off a very good ride. Now, a couple of the players tasked as I taught, I felt him behind I felt end up didn't see out his race. I felt he could have been caught for a second in another few strides, which is, you know, probably not he's true running. You know, and I felt Harry skelton on Sir Alex Ferguson's protector. He took the last fence with him and still managed to finish torrid. So he's obviously a very good he's obviously a quite a good horse as well. I wouldn't have said galvin was that disappointing. The ground, the ground was very good for him. I did say it to you guys on the morning. I can't get it out of my head that he's a top class handicapper. And I was proven right. Cardinalis, gardener is one of the best traders in the world. He did say a long time ago that he was trailing government for the grand Nash. And I believe that's what he's doing. And the goal of hope was grand. It was there. He was there to run in it, and we'd all love for P one of the owner or whatever, but really and truly he's a grand national horse. And Gavin wouldn't have that sort of speed that applied to our children the other day. And that was my take and on the race really. It was a funny risk tactically but it was evenly wrong. I mean, the likes of Brian Cooper going on was a Syrian for long was probably the only way you could ride him because he just wouldn't jump his fences at all in behind. And a raised Scottish horse ensured it was a test of stamina because he wouldn't have the past. So all in all, it was a very fair sort of a fairly rotten gold cop. And I thought the winner albeit on the best horse. Got a very, very good ride, a road with a lot of confidence. And a radio fell to that horse needed. And it proved a very, very deserving winner. I see you got a rent of a 178 Sam rate in the salon. I would say that's fair enough. He's on the edge. And you know, it wouldn't be surprised me if he starts winning a lot more and I'll maybe they might stay riding him like that, you know? And maybe just writing him a bit more conservative early on. And he was really, if you look back, and now he was some certainty and then I was handicapped wasn't he a few years ago. He certainly was. Off about one 26. He had only the only.

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