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This is drive time sports that Cory Lopez on KOA NewsRadio. Well, we better get started right away. Got about an hour here to rock and roll weeK' everybody for Monday night football. This would be a little better than I thought it might be bad. The giants were dumpster fire. But well, maybe not so far they've held Atlanta scoreless. Giants have scored either. But it's a pretty good one Monday night football matchup. Hello, everybody. I'm Cory Lopez. Glad that you're here. This is a primetime sports and schedule here for the next couple of weeks for you as well. Rollout. Right through this week bus primetime coming on Thursday. We'll be in place the primetime sports, but you don't get away from me. I'm actually gonna host primetime. Their fate brewing company in boulder. So you could tune in to seven o'clock going down to see us. We get rolling with that thing about twelve thirty buffs fans you can head down by twelve thirty eight brewing company. That's when they typically will put the show together. Do it in the afternoon. A lot of people that get out there. I'm looking forward to be out. Couple of years since I've actually been out there. For buffs primetime. I it falls right in the middle of when the Broncos get to practice. And so I'm usually ended up a Broncos, but I'm excited. Mark Johnson asked if I would be willing to jump on board. And I certainly am. And I know it's been tough. They've lost a couple of games here homecoming game coming up they're injured. And if they could just get healthy they start doing some serious damage. They're not out of things yet. In the south. But oh, you're going to have to start winning a little bit. So I'm looking forward. There's some real excitement up there. It's unfortunate. They've had some injuries. So we'll talk about that coming up on bus primetime at seven o'clock. You could hear it here on KOA NewsRadio saw beyond a week with you, essentially. So that's a change. I'm usually not I'll five days. So I'm very excited to be able to do that. I'm trying to pace myself here a little bit. As well. In the Twitter. Verse Lopes news sports, you want to tweeted me, I've been having some conversations with folks here as the seasons. Roll loans been interesting since the big win on Thursday by the Broncos. Suddenly, we're not talking about coaches leaving or being fired or, you know, being demoted or whatever it may be. Now, we're talking about players potentially being treated. I mean, look the trade deadline. Is thirtieth. It's Tuesday next week. So. There's a couple of guys potentially guests. It could be traded from the Broncos. Now, it's a little different than baseball. And you when you listen to the Rockies all access, and I talked about it when I have the opportunities during the week on prime time sports during the baseball season. We talk about the trade deadline looming. Football trade deadline as most of you know, is it is different. You don't see a bunch is being swapped around. But Jimmy what happened last you Jimmy Garoppolo got traded from New England to San Francisco and over the last few years have been some guys that have been traded. So it is becoming a little more. It used to be just kind of a long, you know, NFL trade deadline. You got well I had nobody really does anything during the middle of the season. Well, now that has changed attitudes. Have changed in front offices. And I think coaches in the locker rooms just had to get used to it. I mean, usually there's not a lot of new guys coming in the practice squad and bring them in because guys are getting hurt or whatever. But. Big time names, including today. Switching teams. And I don't know. Maybe that's just the changing attitudes in the NFL. So we'll see. So we'll talk a little bit about that tonight as we do on Mondays we like to we have a real a cool opportunity. And I know I keep throwing this out here, but we have real cool opportunity through the iheart stations here in Denver. The we get to talk to an NFL insider for many years. We we worked with Adam Schefter, of course, who is with ESPN where because of the branding of ESPN. And you know, there's another radio station here in town. That's got some of the ESPN step. So he has to stay with them. If they're willing to do something with him. We had him for years. As our insider from the Denver post when he was there. And then, of course, with the NFL network the PIN so it was always great to have him. So anytime, you you kind of get that kind of insight somebody who kind of has the. You know, the. I guess they have their some of the pulse of what's going on with the front offices. Not only with the players. But also what's going on kinda in the front opposite kind of a big deal? So. Rappaport talks to Tyler Columbus and auntie Lynda on their orange and blue seven sixty show every Monday, they've a standing appointment with him. And it's great. Leading into the rockets play Monday night. He talk a little bit about that. But certainly just coming out of the NFL. Weekend. And it's been perfect timing. Last week. We talked about potential moves for coaches, are what the Broncos might do of what he's hearing, you know, by putting his ear to the ground, you know, from UCLA training center. And now, we can talk a little bit about trades and things like that. So we're gonna hear from Ian Rapoport here in just a moment you'll be able to hear some of that conversation. I picked out more the Broncos Centric stuff. But I mean, we have a guy like that. I mean, you should hear here. But if you don't listen to pull him aside Lindahl. You should it's a very -taining show goes from seven to ten on orange and blue seven sixty so, but I always like to be able to get here to report on inside mentioned. I I met him a couple of times interviewed him a training camp. But this year last year. For short period of time. I mean, just insight bowl guys always on his phone. Always you know. I mean, he's always as one of the harder work, and guys certainly this covered stuff. So he's got a new podcast to that. You could check out a few. He's at rap sheet on Twitter. So we'll get to that here in a minute next week. We will I'm I'm kind of baton this went around in my head. Next week will be an interesting week. The see women though opened up exhibition season. They don't start until November twelfth or excuse me. November six we'll be at home against northern Colorado, which interesting matchup. I have been kind of batting around the idea of going up there and broadcasting prime time sports on Monday. From the C you events center. Get used to say that too. The eight, of course, family did not pony up any more money, they they asked and they politely declined. But guess what? Do you call the naming rights or whatever had kind of come up, and they asked and and so it's open forbidding the I think they'd like to put some more money into the CU events center. I mean, there's they really don't some nice upgrades last year, the scoreboard and. Which is awesome. But there's other things, you know, obviously, the add on the champion center was really all the rage. It's fantastic. Therefore the football players, but there's been some nice things done there at the CU events center to for the athletes and the student athletes there, so it's it's pretty cool. But anyway. Thinking about broadcasting this show next Monday from there. So I may do that. It's it's nice. I've had kind of I could kind of go and do things from places that I would like to. I'm kind of a one man, I say one man band. There's sitting on the other side of the glass, you know, make sure everything's working. So. But I could go out and go broadcast from a lot of different places. You know, we did remember we went spring training this year. Did a couple did one from Camelback ranch. Their home of the NFL pennant winning dodgers with played the Rockies, and I had to the broadcast because jacket Jerry where they're doing the game along with the engineer producer, just Thomas. We got to do the show because it didn't start until I eight o'clock. So I did like till about seven forty five there from Camelback ranch and got to talk to a few people there stands had family there. We get set and watch great game. But broadcast from there for the first forty five minutes of the show before kick their open Rockies that was awesome. And I just did that kind of on a whim. Yeah. Backpacking? And that's essentially what I did. So cool. The things you as opposed to hold the cell phone up to my ear and doing show, which is kind of annoying at some point. If it's a long show. So and we may go on location a couple of times. Buffs primetime on Halloween. So I will not be here. Mark transfer will be back doing that. I will be taking the kids trick or treating and then we may bounce around to a couple of places next week just to have some fun to round out. Huck Tober big move today has we talked about Cowboys finally made a move here, and you know, Dez Bryant still at work. They want to pay him the money, and I get that. But. I kinda must be a real foreign on the side for people because he's still at work. Surprises me a little bit reminds me of the off season and into spring training for baseball this year. There were some pretty good preach. It's just kind of sitting out there. So anyway, the Cowboys picked up Amari Cooper from the raiders in exchange for. This one four first round pick. Okay..

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