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Can you explain a little because it was something I didn't know about either. But in the movie the case that she use that her husband uses because he's the tactic tax is is basically about a man. Yes. Well, that's what was what was so much of of Hawas was was on doing not only for women who are being limited by these ideas of what they showed and shouldn't be doing. But also with men, and this man was was was caring for his mother. And because the law was written in a way that they didn't even imagine that a man could be in that position in that carrying possibly do. It exactly exact. 'cause they was you know, they just thought that was truly only women do that. So they were able to Marty as the as the film shows bought the case to to Ruth, and he was a an expert in tax lower and in a very well known and well respected tax lawyer and then with her knowledge in in terms of gender rights. They could come together on this case to argue for this man to say, this is ridiculous. You know, these laws are outdated, and they need to be changed. So that law about him out dated. Then let's look at one hundred years worth of the ones aimed against women that around dated. Well, that's what it was interesting with recently had the premier with with respect against bike in in Washington. And she said she did a Q name. But before we showed the foam, and she said how important it was to that that were figures like Dorothy Kenyon who is a an incredible lawyer Kathy Bates played brilliantly brilliantly by Kathy Bates. And and reset. It was very important for for the film to show that she stood on the shoulders of these incredible women. My just thought it was such a beautiful phrase, the idea of this lineage of these incredible women who had who have as you say for hundred years four for change did Ruth Ginsburg view in this time that you talked any suggestions about how to play or did she stay out of that completely? She was I mean. I mean, she was very very gracious, and very I also we spent time we had coffee together and in her in her apartment, and I said, you know, is that any advice that you'd you'd like to give me an and she very sweetly said I've seen you walk Felicity. And I know that you can do it. So that gave me which homeless confident it would've been cute. And what are the three or four favorite? Yeah. Theory of everything where did you see me back in the days because it's so last week. Yeah. I just love the idea that she went to Harvard, and you went to weird sister college, which I. That's what I what I should explain exactly. There are many parallels. She actually went to Oxford. But the thing was you you were on the DP Sears in the beginning where you would probably thinking during those days as child star that I would one day play Ruth Bader Ginsburg, they could only get better playing from playing a witch. My favorite titles. Any TV show? Ever is weird. It only had one season..

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