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Coming up in just a few minutes here. Also, Tom Cuddy standing by was sports. But I the story six people are under arrest tonight. A number of gambling machines confiscated as well. And WBZ's Carl Stevens reports an alleged gambling operation in southeastern mass is broken up. The target of this investigation was a company out of one's he called television with a number of alleged gambling operations sprinkled across the southeastern part of the state to state attorney general's office announced indictments against that company and six people seventy five year old and tone Olivera of Fall River Clifford Wilson of Dighton Kyodo Faria Fall River, John Kamara of Somerset and the Tertia and Mario to Shera from Fall River. There are a number of charges in the indictment ranging from money laundering and conspiracy to unlawful operation of. Gaming device at thority seized dozens of slot machines and more than one hundred forty thousand dollars in cash Carl Stevens WBZ News Radio ten thirty over now to Tom Cuddy in the as hticket dot com. Sports studio. Join back to Foxborough today his four game suspension over rob gronkowski ankle issue listed as did not participate in today's practice because patriots end Colt Thursday night in Foxborough Salvadorian up and down the Brighton. Practice floor preseason at the garden tomorrow with Cleveland, of course, without LeBron major league baseball the National League Milwaukee in the National League. Milwaukee won the central division over Chicago out west dodgers lead the Rockies to nothing fifth inning. Tom Brady close out today's media available but a little bit different promoting his wife's book, which hits the markets tomorrow and very proud of her for writing things down and share them with. All the money is going to charity. Hurricane water project, which is exceptional. So hopefully, gets me a kiss. Tom Brady is life is good. Tom Cuddy, WBZ radio sports be.

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