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Canadians will roll out a new holiday, and if you don't like it. Well, you're just gonna have to deal with it, buddy. Because January seventeenth is Canada's first ever national stop apologizing day. The holiday was the brainchild of Todd McCullough of Kamloops after an incident he was involved in at a Tim Hortons and twenty fifteen I was reaching for the coffee McCullough told the Vancouver Sun. And this other fellow was reaching for the Tim bits Donut holes. And well, we did that thing where we both kept reaching. And then standing back in apologize, and then reach in and then stand back and apologizing and so about two hours went by like that. And I realized we Canadians we got a dang problem with apologizing. Too much sorry for the course language he added. America's notoriously polite, and let's be honest. Superior in every way neighbors to the north have always been quick to apologize. Whether or not it was warranted. The city of Thunder Bay on -tario wants apologize to Duluth Minnesota for the icy winds coming off of leaks superior saying they felt they could have done more to warm it up on its way south, but never again, or at least not on January seventeenth McCullough had tried for years to generate attention for the proposal the internet with little success, but the idea really picked up steam when CBC news anchor Dan Ratner who sort of the Canadian version of you. Guessed it, Tom Brokaw. Picked up the cause for thirty years. Ratner's sign off at the end of each newscast was so there's the news in Canada. Sorry. Some of it was pretty grim. Of course, Ratner had no idea. What grim was until he started looking at the US headlines post twenty sixteen and that's when he had an piffle which was that based on America's behavior just in the last two years Canadians have nothing to apologize for until twenty seventy nine. I apologize day. Your next story of an important day comes from Roxanne Roberts in Japan. Punctuality is sacred and being late is deeply embarrassing. And yet they're always some stragglers who can't quite meet deadlines which prompted this month's student procrastination day at colleges throughout the country. The celebration is the brainchild of university of Tokyo, president Makoto go known commie a self admitted procrastinator who wants to reduce stress and promote mental health at Japan's highly competitive universities students will be allowed to turn in one. Final paper, regardless of when it was due on the last day of the semester. But some students say the new celebration stresses them out quote. It's too much pressure to be laid Haroo. Told MTV news, all my papers are already finished com. He says it might take years to catch on. But as I always say better late than never. Student procrastination day, the fan Japanese say allowed to finally relax a little bit and your last or even you holiday comes from Paula Poundstone. In Finland November. First is known as national jealousy day when the country publishes everyone's income. The public finds amusement in discovering who among them earns the most they like finding out what celebrities make and if being a trash collection worker is really worth it or or sun a guest washer or Northern Lights spotter or reindeer farmer or ice whole lifeguard all of which jobs make Finland tick. This year the country's most famous porn star on fiscally earned twenty three thousand eight hundred twenty six euros which.

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