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Dot dot com backslash BMC Solutions to learn Mohr I'm Rob Stallworth. W T o P. Traffic, not a storm team Foreign. Here's Lauren Rickets is a beautiful labor day. Usually we're dealing with storms or we're dealing with intense heat. None of that today You just have blue skies. We've got plenty of sun. Shine with that, and we've got temperatures in the mid eighties so well will be warm. We're not talking about the humidity. The humidity is gone. It won't move back in until overnight. So today's the last day will be fairly comfortable for a while. So, as I said, humidity roles in overnight temperatures in the sixties and then back in the mid eighties tomorrow, But McGee, you have a mix of sun and clouds spotty shower possible tomorrow afternoon by Wednesday Toast Obi McGee loaded mideighties mix of sun and clouds will have about a 40% chance of seeing some showers and thunderstorms, maybe Wednesday afternoon and mainly South. The CDC Thursday mid to upper eighties cloudy, and we'll have some widespread rain chances. The frontal system approaches the area. We'll keep rain chances around for Friday as well. I'm something for meteorologist Lauren Record 78 at Reagan National Dulles 79 B W Marshall Up to 80 82 degrees Right now in Washington at 1 30. Thiss is w t o p your source for today's top news, traffic and weather, always connected and constantly updated. In your car at home at work. Hands on the go. W T o p. Never miss a moment. Good afternoon. I'm Kyle Cooper. Jacob cur out the editor's desk coming up pepper balls. Tear gas in upstate New York is clashes between police and.

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