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Marks cries patients just joined us during the commercial. Break to laura's catanha's doing delors doing great. I mean my favorite people in the world. i love your jumpsuit. Thank you and also you're in the middle of production on jersey. And i mean i don't wanna ruin anything but it's hi guys came out right out of the gate hot talked about giveaway tastic story. This is my right. Well listen you. Were born beautiful. All right michael. Emily h wants to know your reaction to the news of jenn. Shah's arrest upsetting. I never liked it to go that far with any of the housewives whether i'm a fan or not a fan with a good guy or a bag. I don't wanna see that giselle. Joey wants to know. Why don't you ever of the ladies over to your pleasure critical every time you're invited to the other women's homes. Tem state-owned good. It's a situation. Oh boy wow it's a two-parter parter okay. I'd love julius. Michael like candice and karen are going to be able to get a good place. I feel like kenniston karen. We'll get to could place before the green eyed bandit and karen. We'll get a good play. Correct okay well. It is time for watch what happens. Five michael may be one of our foremost leaders when it comes to talking trash but his well respected housewives rankings have never been garbage. I'm giving him the florida counties top-five current housewives.

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