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Seattle now from the Cairo Radio New Center at my northwest dot com With Kobe. 19 cases spiking in our state were probably headed for another lock down, according Tto one medical reporter. I think it's likely we're going to go into shutdown. I don't think it's just a possibility. I would bet money on it. Tom Paulson is a former science and health reporter for the Seattle P I and now writes for Humanity's fear, he tells Cairo nights at this time, he doesn't know if it'll work. I'm not sure how successful the time room there's going to be graver economic consequences from people are tired. They're just tired of this stuff. New details show that baffle Police officer Jonathan Shoop was likely shot by accident by his partner, Cairo Radios Nicole Jennings has more A gunfight happened when Henry Gene Washington allegedly approached bottle officers after a car chase and opened fire. Investigators say. Officer shoots training Officer Mustafa Come shore accidentally shot him during the crossfire. Officer Aaron Smell with the Snohomish County Multiple agency response team says Washington is still being looked at as responsible. It's believed that the actions of the suspect led to the ultimate shooting a death of authorship, having walked away from the vehicle coming back towards the officer's vehicle being armed with a gun shooting. I need to the vehicle. Washington is being charged with aggravated first degree murder, attempted first degree murder and vehicular assault. Officer come sure was wounded during the crossfire, but has been released from the hospital. A former Spokane assistant football coach who raped two teenage girls in 2018 has been sentenced to more than 22 years in federal prison. Spokesman Review Review reports that 31 year old Charles Eagle, it was also sentenced to lifetime supervision once he leaves jail exit was arrested in August of 2018 after he'd met and raped a 14 year old twice using Snapchat to communicate with her. Court documents say England also raped a 15 year old girl after communicating with her over the Social media platform. Sonny today with a high of 78 63 degrees in downtown Seattle. Smart Stream Cairo Radio at home on your smart speakers. Cairo Radio at my.

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