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Listening to the AP digital news network immigration hearings have been canceled across the country because of the partial government shutdown AP's. Jackie Quinn reports. One immigration lawyer notes, it's Iraq. That the process. The stall attorney Hans Meyer in Denver says the partial government shutdown has led to the cancellation of thousands of non detention immigration hearings. People who are trying to take the legal steps they need to become citizens following the law trying to get their day in court. So they can get a decision to either grant than their status or maintain their status, and they can't get their day in court, which is immensely frustrating. Because in some cases, eligibility might be an issue if we wait to researchers at Syracuse university are estimating nearly seventy thousand immigration cases, have to be postponed. I'm Jacky Quin. Call it a case of art, not quite imitating life, AP entertainment, editor Oscar wells, Gabriel reports in upcoming movie release has been changed because of a recent national tragedy. Universal Pictures is about to release a new horror movie called happy death day to you the release date February fourteenth that is one year to the day that a gunman roam the halls of Marjory stoneman Douglas high school killing seventeen people for Gutenberg whose daughter Jamie died in that attack took to Twitter to asked universal to move the release date the horror movie will come out now a day earlier. Instead, universal also says that it will not be releasing the movie in theaters in the parkland area. I'm Oscar wells Gabriel. Scientists say the world's permafrost is getting warmer. The study published Wednesday found temperatures increasing by an average of no point three degrees celsius over a decade. Research is working on the global terrestrial network for pummel frost collected samples in the Arctic Antarctic and high mountain ranges of Europe and central Asia. They found the biggest rise in Siberia, where frozen soil temperatures rose by no point nine degrees celsius between two thousand seven and two thousand sixteen. Scientists say the increase is track global warming. Generally, they noted that flooring permafrost contains organic matter that can release greenhouse gases for the stoking climate change Trump and Pelosi I'm Tim Maguire within AP news minute yesterday. House speaker Nancy Pelosi suggested President Trump postponed the state of the union address because of the partial government shutdown. Trump wrote today row writing her saying he was denying military aircraft for plan tripped, Afghan. Ghanistan in Brussels, California, Democrat, Adam Schiff is is obviously an action.

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