Jp Morgan, Cummings, Chairman discussed on Rush Limbaugh


Million dollars in grants. between two thousand thirteen and two thousand sixteen according to tax records several of the nonprofit groups financial backers which include Google JP Morgan and prudential have business interests before the house committee on oversight and government reform performed Cummings has served as chairman since January. the largest contributor to the nonprofit organization run by Cummings as wife was the Robert wood Johnson foundation a company regulated by Cummings committee. the foundation the Robert wood Johnson foundation which gave a total of five and a half million to Cummings is wife's consulting firm. and another five point two million to her non profit ten and a half million split between the nonprofit and for profit. run by Cummings wife. supporting. organizations in two thousand seventeen. what is what we call and ten million dollars divvied up half of the for profit half to the non profit run by Cummings wife. so in recent months coming loose has been a vocal opponent of Johnson Johnson targeting the company is part of the house oversight committee's probe of ground. price inflation. so this this is a classic this is always that's a Washington.

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