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Why is this your time of year like you guys love halloween. I will watch christmas movies. Okay so this is. This is year three twenty five days of christmas. I marks gig. I probably won't watch as much as you guys do. Just because i'm also preparing for a certain other things for a podcast. That's taking a little bit of my time. But i will actually have things dimension in perfect perfect all right so this is the first episode of december. So that means it's twenty five days of christmas. We've got four weeks of another mccray was movies but before we get into that guys. What have you been watching. I've watched a ton of movies lately. Some not going to give you to many. But i watched dread which i think is incredibly underrated. The karl urban movie dread great film. I wish they would. You would have done a sequel or a series on netflix. Anything please bring that back. I watched the first teenage mutant ninja turtles still the best fellowship of the ring in december. I start to watch all the lord of the rings movies because they came out in december so just a little tradition. I do and i watched for the first a few good men and i of have a hot take. I don't know if it's hot or not. Maybe a lukewarm. Take but i think. Tom cruise is a very good actor or he was a very good actor. I don't know about now. But i enjoy watching him act. Is that wrong. I never disliked anything. He's really even. I think maybe what. He's a part of kind of precedes him. Now right so it's kinda gotta take the good with the bad basically you have to. It's kind of well. I mean you still love mel gibson though. That's the same sort of i. I like mel gibson acting wise. I don't think he's a great person outside of that. But i've seen mel gibson movies and i'm like yeah you know he's still good actor. I remember not really having seen too many..

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