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Show we have for you today. I'm really just ecstatic and honored with the guests that i have for you. The guest this today has a long history in film and in nineteen minutes. I gotta tell you he goes back from oh about the fifth grader so where he started becoming so interested in acting and then it moved on into his high school years moving moving on into university years and giving you've been degree from the university of washington after spending some time in england you may know hand just just as you are looking at the screen and the face is so familiar but let me tell you a little bit more. He has spent a lot of time in demography in his spent about a oh gosh as had eleven feature films has a lot of <hes> made made for t._v. Movies he's done a lot of on broadway productions and there's a lot more to his background just than that but you you may have known him in your home from many seasons eight years in fact where he was albor lind on home <unk> home improvement so i'd like to welcome to the show richard karn welcome. Thank you thank you very much. That was a wonderful intro well. I'm i'm really excited because there's even more than that that you have done. You've done a lot more on hallmark type movies and family feud. There's even and more to you than just that but i've got to ask you something. How did you know in the fifth grade that this was going to be something that you were going to strive for. I i really i didn't i but i remember that fifth grade sleigh vividly because i <hes> i think it was something the teacher wrote to be honest with you. It was it was about thanksgiving and i was the child but eight too much and then i have this dream where everything that i eight put me on trial you know like the turkey mashed potatoes and everything and i remember making my own prop at a prop that i used just an old brown bag and i i made a drumstick out of it as very proud of that but i distinctly remember standing offstage about to go on and think literally thinking i can just walk away. I i don't have to go out there. I think a an it'll be okay and then i walked onstage and was a transforming in fifth grade and i just kind of kept you know finding that <hes> in school plays in school sports i did. I did a lot of things i i had. I had a great childhood and i did community theater in high school which was set up because of our high school. Drama teacher teacher ms wills. She put together this kind of winter. One act festival where we directed we put we cast it. We did it all l. Ourselves students and she had professionals from seattle area. Come in and and kind of first second third best play best director best supporting actor you know all that kind of stuff and as a sophomore i got this best supporting actor which was was. I came out of left field. I didn't expect that because i really didn't know how to create a character..

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