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Well you know I'm glad it's a little less quite frankly I mean given how fast we're growing given the problems we're having supply chains already another big stimulus package could aggravate and prolong some of those issues I think Overall So I'm glad to scale back I think some of it is good stuff I like it better than the half and 3 billion plus And it gets closer to that number I think that's a better thing They're going to eventually bring something here and so I think it'd be best if we get it done and get it behind us and figure out where the tax structure is We can move on from there What are we moving on to I mean Jim we value you so much speaking to you because you're outside the three zip codes I mean folks I don't even drive I mean seriously I don't have a driver's license That's a problem on top That's a problem We've got the best I used to drive miles and miles and miles a year But you know and I've got the advance Thank you mister Bloomberg for the belly It's great But Jim out there do you see the gloom I really think it's kind of turning here a little bit Tom I do drive And we're back in rush hours out here and traffic jams showing up There's more activity the downtown starting to come back to life a little bit down here more people back I'm still not going in all the time but I certainly noticed the difference down there I think the fact that the delta variant is rolled over and that we're now can get our school aged kids vaccinated is improving confidence fairly dramatically I know there's a number of people that are doing trips again getting on airplanes going to meetings I feel like it's starting to change Okay The problem Jim is we didn't have you on to talk economics I want to talk the Gritty I mean the guy comes out of LSU He's up with a Minnesota Vikings And people are waiting for Justin Jefferson to dance I mean is he going to dance against a Dallas Cowboys I'm so Tom We need a game where our receivers dance We got two really receivers and can you let them Jefferson And I'd like to light up football with those guys It's impossible Thank you so much for luth all this morning Michael barber before we get to the news I mean just to sigue into this when do the celebrations at the end of the game they're become bigger than the touchdown Yeah And in fact what was the game where the college player got in trouble He celebrated the touchdown and then the ref through the flag and nullified the touchdown Really Yeah They're not gonna do that against the Dallas Cowboys No but I mean come on that's part of the game That's a fun I have some fun Thank you like the San Diego Padres in the Tati sub we're in all the Jim Paulson out in Minnesota and I guess the cowboys play the Vikings this weekend It'll be fun It'll be a high score game The dollop a 180 points of half a percent 35,600 72 With our news in New York City here's Michael Barr Tom Paul thank you very much President Biden arrived on Capitol Hill this morning to announce that Democrats have.

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