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This is Bloomberg daybreak Asia for this Wednesday, October 12th in Hong Kong, Tuesday, October 11th in New York, and coming up this hour, U.S. stocks turned sharply lower after the Bank of England says it will halt intervention in the market. The IMF cuts its global growth forecast further this year and warns that the worst is yet to come. And we hear this hour from Cleveland fed president Loretta mester on fed policy. G 7 leaders pledged support to Ukraine for as long as it takes. U.S. beats air defense systems to Ukraine, German Chancellor Olaf Scholes plans a trip to China to talk Ukraine. I'm Ed Baxter, with global news. These PSG start killing and papa regretting his decision to stay in Paris. And the schwarzman I'll have that story more coming up in Bloomberg's boards. That's all straight ahead on Bloomberg daybreak Asia on Bloomberg 11 three O New York. Bloomberg 99 one Washington D.C., Bloomberg one O 6 one Boston, Bloomberg 9 60 San Francisco, Syria's XM one 19 and around the world on Bloomberg radio dot com and via the Bloomberg business app. Hi everybody, big show coming up a very good morning to you from Hong Kong. I'm Brian Curtis. And I'm Rashad Salomon. By interactive brokers, interactive brokers charges margin loan rates from 3.58 to 4.58%. Rate is subject to change. Learn more that I became dot com slash compare. All right, let's have a look at that. The trading day in prospect for Asia and does any currency markets in focus, let's get more bloomers that Chris joins us Doug. Yeah, it was a volatile day in markets have both stocks and bonds chopped around quite a bit. Now in terms of the equity space we had some dip buyers coming into the picture kind of midday when the S&P 500 fell to its lowest intraday level since 2020, but sentiment really took a hit late in the day when the head of the Bank of England said support for the British guilt market will end on Friday. This is governor Andrew Bailey. He essentially issued a warning to fund managers, wind up the positions you're unable to maintain. You've got three days left. So in the treasury market stateside, we had long rates moving up with a ten year picking up about 6 basis points to three 94. If you look at the equity market NASDAQ comp was down 1.1% today in the broader market we had the S&P 500 weaker by about 7 tenths of 1%. The Dow industrial average held on to a slim game, let's call it a tenth of 1%. We had U.S. listed Chinese shares falling on reports of new lockdowns in the city of Feng Yang, along with some entertainment venues being closed in Shanghai, the NASDAQ golden dragon index was down about three and a half percent today. We know that global growth is under pressure and for the moment China is not relaxing its zero COVID strategy. That may change after next week's party Congress, but crude oil today down nearly 2% in the regular session to 89 35. I'll take another look at market action for you in about 15 minutes right now and update on global news

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