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I know know. I feel i feel like i get up the movie night. And i'm like they were they animal-feed them and And then i realize you know like gone. You need another one you need. I'm telling you right now. Kathleen of our your best friend or i were you saw whomever in your life that cared about you i would. I would go out today and bring a remedy your house because nobody is needed anything more than you needing a rabbit right now. I now i know. I could get two of them naming boomer and geo about that really need them to people and i only name them after my friends so you would have to be fat. Well i think we are after this conversation. Kathleen i think we i think we are now friends from maryland and the boomer connection and everything else so i know now i moved to new york to here. I hated year So there why do you hate in america. Oh god you can't just like the wards place in the world. Everyone is like a midget calm down. Let's go back to the they. They just look different than we do. You know he's like you know i'm italian. I looked like real italian. But you could tell them not like you know sort of the american revolution or anything and And i I didn't know. And i will black till i mean joe tons worth do not today but i do have in the past kathleen i gotta i gotta feeling that you're about to say something really bad so what we're gonna we're gonna do. You're gonna say goodbye with our established friendship here and then what we're going to do. Is we want you to call back when you get when you get the rabbits okay. I will adopt a. I'm telling you right now. There's not another woman in america. Gonna take care of those. Rabbits riemann al for help and that help means you need wrap adopt those wrap. Yes okay. I got a text from my brother in law all cap. Don't get a rabbit wind up. Why don't they want you to be happy to. But but then they know how sad i get. I mean. i don't know it was awful. Would they pass away but still but thinking about the joy. Don't be said that it's over. Be happy that it happened. I know i know hill looking at pictures as place to render. They put a rabbit up on. Cbs sports network. I'm in can't you. You can always stop rabbits right. I mean they're cremated now. I know but you could stop them to the next one. Yeah what about attacking the next one. Yeah i know. I was thinking about that. I think that's so cool. I went to attacks. Jovic club made someone lift me to look in the window. And there's like all these stuff deers and everything. Like oh my god. You're gonna have that. And then he just had all their stuff little heads on the wall. Yeah you could say good night to happy every night.

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