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And we re we are very weird yeah and that's going to be at first then cheating must champagne in nuts no not including yourself maybe that is but she mp nuts winning i mean coming up in in tweet heat on the twitter show this and then in the same week miers days later winning tweeted louis yeah he i don't know who tweeted week thereby everyone's naval will win jimmy chen chamberlain's your favorite drummer now actually at to outsource that question to you is getting some drumming concierge eighty i mentioned a dead drummer fair issued i've ever drummer ki moon was your favorite job in that's a lot been impressed with the dr richard bailey's a drum set up sharing i've actually been really gigging i'm enjoying yeah that's pretty cool have your number does dr the one of the best drummers sex he texted me all the time all the time but a few times you want to get into group chat with lousa work in the uae not a fan echo i want to get as i don't know why he seems like a bit of a dick he also are ruined famously ruined the sound of one of metallic as albums because he he is all over the drums sat at sounds like santa i don't like that point to kick the doctor will know what i'm here join kick good tonight with twenty kick canceling he was some kind of monster at that in canada get that okay we're all those done oh man drop i'm just checking the time here run quite long not really not too bad but are we got rapid fire accuse.

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